Biocarburanti, continua la crescita +20% di consumo l'anno thumbnail

The growth of biofuels continues +20% per year

In the development of renewable energies, the +20% growth of biofuels continues consumed in one year.

Biofuels, the growth continues +20% of consumption per year, source DepositPhotosBiofuels, the growth continues +20% of consumption per year, source DepositPhotos

Towards the energy transition, this is how we are preparing

Towards the energy transition the development of renewable energies, bioenergy and biofuels play a role.

In the 2020 biofuels represent 6.8% of fuel consumption for road transport in Europe.

While in the US they already represent 10% of petrol consumption. L’IEA, the International Energy Agency, forecasts that the consumption of biofuels will grow by 20% per year over the next five years.

Biofuels a hot topic

Just to take stock of energy, fuel, the distribution network and mobility services. A supply chain in the midst of a transition towards eco-sustainability and innovation returns for its 18th edition Oil&nonOil.

The only event in Italy and in the Mediterranean basin aimed at operators in the fuel distribution chain, scheduled at the fair in Verona from 29 November to 1 December 2023. As part of the event, theInnovation Villagea thematic area dedicated to startups and innovation promoted by Blum.

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The challenges of the green transition

“The fuel, logistics and petroleum products distribution network industry represents a pillar of national competitiveness in Europe and in the world”.

He claims Maurice Danish, managing director of Veronafiere. He continues: “Faced with the challenges posed by the green transition, Veronafiere, through Oil&nonOil, offers its contribution, involving operators and trade associations in an open and informed public debate”.

“Once again this year Oil&nonOil will intercept all the latest technological innovations that will take the sector into the future.

declares Barbieri River, commercial director of Veronafiere. “The goal of the Innovation Village is to help young entrepreneurial realities to quickly get in touch with industrial partners able to accompany them on the market”, he concludes.

The leading sectors

Building on the success of the last edition, with its 120 exhibiting companies and an audience of over 4,000 qualified visitors, the event once again this year aims to represent an evolving sector and offer opportunities for exchange and professional updating. Oil&nonOil hosts operators and exhibitors from all areas related to fuel distribution. They range from the sector purely «Oil» – from the design and construction of systems to safety, from technical installations to management systems – to «NonOil» – from accessories to car washes, from bars to convenience stores to detergents – passing through the storage and transportation of fuels and fuels – from cars and tanks to pipes, valves and pumps – up to alternative fuels – including biodiesel, natural gas, LPG, methane, hydrogen, electric mobility and charging systems.

Biofuels, the growth continues +20% of consumption per year, source DepositPhotosBiofuels, the growth continues +20% of consumption per year, source DepositPhotos

Innovation Village

Oil&nonOil will also give space to conferences and workshops, meeting opportunities for companies, trade associations and experts, but will also have special attention to the theme of innovation. In fact, for its second edition, it returns l’Oil&nonOil Innovation Villagea dedicated space that will bring together the ten best Italian startups operating in the field of sustainability for the fuel distribution network: electronic payments, catering, energy autonomy of service stations, all the nascent technologies that make it more sustainable – from an economic point of view , social and environmental – our refueling break will be showcased by young Italian companies.

The startups selected to participate in the Innovation Village, in addition to having the opportunity to exhibit for free as part of Oil&nonOil 2023, are also entered in a startup competition. During the fair, the startups will be the protagonists of some moments of meeting and presentation of their proposals in front of the public and a technical jury. The latter, on the basis of the presentation live pitch and the documents sent during the application phase, will decide the winning startup which, proclaimed during the final event, will win Oil&nonOil Innovation Village Award and the possibility of exhibiting for free will be guaranteed as part of Oil&nonOil 2024. During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite startup and during the final event, the recognition of the public prize will also be presented.

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