The growth of the WebSoft Giants continues, they are worth 10 times Piazza Affari

Continua la crescita dei Giganti del WebSoft: valgono quasi 10 volte Piazza Affari thumbnail

The Giganti report from Mediobanca’s WebSoft it clarifies the value of multinationals which, by exploiting their software products and the potential of the network, continue to record record numbers. According to the survey data, the pandemic has helped increase the value of these companies. In three-year period from 2018 to 2020, in fact, the recorded growth was of +87%. It should also be noted that from last December to 15 October 2021 for the WebSoft Giants, a further growth of +20.7%.

The growth of the WebSoft Giants continues

The value of giants like Microsoft (1.969 billion), Amazon (1.488 billion) and Alphabet (733 billion) continues to grow. The pandemic has added to the value of these companies which seem to be unable to be stopped in any way. Currently, according to the findings of the Mediobanca Research Area, theirs capitalization (relative to the end of 2020) is valid as a whole almost ten times the entire Italian stock exchange.

Save more than 24 billion in taxes

What makes the so-called WebSoft Giants even stronger is the ability to reduce the amount of tax paid. In fact, in the three-year period between 2018 and 2020, these companies (Amazon, Tencent, Microsoft, Alphabet and Facebook) achieved savings for a total of 24.5 billion euros. The introduction of the Global Tax should allow for a reduction in tax avoidance with the possibility for States to recover almost 8 billion euros.