Starfield: new trailer shows more details on the story and the game world

In a video trailer initially not listed on Bethesda’s YouTube channel, the game world is revealed, along with the story and new details on the Starfield setting.

We will still have to wait more than a year for Starfield, and so far there hasn’t been much news or information regarding the game, which has come under the wing of Phil Spencer and Microsoft in the past few months. Among the details regarding the new Bethesda RPG, it is already known that it will take place in a space setting, and have also been presented the three main cities that you can visit in the universe of Starfield: New Atlantis, capital of the military faction of the United Colonies; Neon, a city structured above an aquatic platform, renowned for a particular illegal fish and present on that world; finally, Akila, the capital of Freestar Collective. Now, a new trailer reveals more details regarding Starfield’s story and setting.

The new trailer with details on the history and world of Starfield

In this new video trailer, more details about Starfield’s world and history have been given – the year will be the 2330, in an area of ​​our solar system known as the “Settled Systems”, extending out of it by about 50 light years. In Starfield, the Settled Systems are veterans of a war, known as the Colony War, which occurred about twenty years earlier. Most of the factions are now in a shaky peace, but Settled Systems still remain far from established, due to the presence of various violent groups, such as the Ecliptic mercenaries, the religious fanatic group House Va’ruun, the reckless Spacers and the pirates of the Crimson Fleet.

In short, contrasted with the events that we find ourselves facing in the various futures proposed by Fallout, it seems that even outside the planet Earth things are not so calm. We remind you that, barring unforeseen events and future postponements, Starfield has a release date set for November 12 on PC and Xbox Series S and X. This may not be a definitive Xbox exclusive, but PlayStation users will surely be anxious until then for some happy news on this front.

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