The history of videogames told by the protagonists of the industry in the sector

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Video Games Party, in collaboration with MSI, announces the arrival of Videogame Legends. It is a cultural project conceived and created with a lot of passion for the videogames industry. Its goal is raccount for the most important moments in the sector, from its birth to its evolution over the years.

Videogame Legends: the birth of the videogame industry


The mission of this project is to allow the public to listen to testimonials of those who wrote history. It is a path made with many interviews and dedicated to all video game lovers and who wants to be, at the same time, source of inspiration even for the youngest who are entering our beloved world of entertainment.

It is currently available on the Volume 1: the birth of Videogames. The episode took place within the Strong Museum of Rochester with a series of links via video calls directly from respondents’ homes or offices.

In addition to the episode on the portal, the public can find in-depth interviews and biographies of the first protagonists:

  • Steve Russell: creator of Spacewars! one of the most influential early games.
  • Hugh Tuck e Bill Pitts: creators of the first Arcade Game – Galaxy Game.
  • Nolan Bushnell: founder of ATARI and creator of the first widely distributed videogame “Computer Space”.
  • Mark H. Baer: son of Ralph H. Baer, ​​the father of videogames, he created the prototype of the first Home Console (Brow Box, later marketed as Magnavox Odyssey).
  • Federico Faggin: inventor of the first microprocessor.
  • Larry Rosenthal: inventor of the first Arcade Game with Vector technology

The first season of Videogame Legends, composed by 6 episodes, will have a monthly publication and over 100 interviews that will be published in conjunction with the themes of the episodes. To see the first episode, you can consult the official website.