Fitbit Premium StrongWill: il lancio con Will Smith

Comes to Fitbit Premium StrongWill, a series of content all dedicated to health and well-being with the well-known actor Will Smith

Legendary American actor, rapper and producer Will Smith recently joined the Fitbit family and publicly announced his commitment to improving every aspect of his health and well-being. Will Smith is creating and curating himself an exclusive series of content on Fitbit Premium dedicated to all-round health. In Will Smith’s StrongWill program, six calorie-burning and endorphin-boosting training programs are now available, as well as mindfulness sessions. Thanks to resistance training and relaxation techniques, Fitbit Premium members can now train with Will and his coaches to make their body and mind even stronger.

Fitbit Premium StrongWill: il lancio con Will Smith

Fitbit Premium becomes much more eye-catching with StrongWILL

Fitbit invites you to take better care of your holistic health – from fitness, to sleep, to mental health. The drive that led Will to improve his fitness was inspired by a desire to improve his overall well-being, ei StrongWill’s content focuses on both physical and mental aspects. As Will stated on his social media channels, “I spent countless days bingeing on snacks and wasn’t feeling my best physically. I love my body, so I want to get back on track with my overall health and well-being. For me, being in the “best shape of my life” means taking better care of my body “.

Fitbit Premium StrongWill: il lancio con Will Smith

No matter where you are on your quest for wellness, the hardest part is getting started. Fitbit and Will work together to help Premium users achieve their goals with an approach that adapts to your lifestyle, improving your daily routine and introducing workouts that burn calories, mindfullness sessions, surrounded by numerous jokes from Will that help keep energy levels high. Get motivated by Will’s coaches and join exclusive guided sessions, only available within Fitbit Premium – no equipment or gym required:

  • Bodyweight training: Will Smith is no stranger to weightlifting, but sometimes even “Willy the Prince of Bel-Air” can’t get to the gym. Join trainer Roz the Diva to learn new muscle strengthening techniques that you can perform without a lot of tools and explore one of Will’s favorite exercises.
  • Main challenge: To reach new fitness goals, start with your strength, because that’s where your peak performance is “born and grown”. Join trainer Jahdy to explore Will’s favorite techniques for strengthening, engaging, and enhancing your strength.
  • Find your center: Will Smith often makes it clear: When you train your body, it’s just as important to train your mind. Join trainer Faith Hunter to find your mental shape thanks to deep breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Mobility Yoga: Practicing Yoga was fundamental to Will’s success towards his well-being. Follow trainer Hiro Landazuri in his mobility yoga classes to work on your physical ability, flexibility and stability. Namaste!
  • Let’s Go Cardio!: in this workout, the Maya Monza trainer guides you from warming up, through 10 high intensity cardio exercises, to a cool down. Prepare some water and a towel, as this is about increasing your heart rate and sweating. As Will says, “Let’s light this oven!”
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for the upper body: the faster the better! The Bianca G trainer offers a high-energy, high-intensity workout focused on the upper body with the aim of burning calories, increasing endurance and gaining muscle mass quickly.

With the aim of improving his well-being, Will has started wearing Charge 5, the new most advanced Fitbit tracker ever, which complements his diet, reminds him to keep moving and supports him in managing stress and mental health.

Fitbit Premium StrongWill: il lancio con Will Smith

End the year with a “bang”

We are approaching the latter part of the year and all we want to finish off and build better habits for the new year – but what exactly does that imply? Being “strong” is a different concept for each of us, whether it is strength in the body, mind or heart. Take an example from Will who tells us:

I have come to understand that strength is much more than a physical ability, it is also mental and emotional. It’s not just about your abs or how big your biceps are, could you push yourself to experiment new things, improve the work you are already doing and keep doing it? These things require a different concept of strength.

You don’t have to try it alone – try to involve a friend, family member or neighbor, just as Will’s community shared their inspiring stories with him. You can sneak a peek at Will’s progress to end the year in top shape in the new original YouTube Originals series, “Best Shape of My Life“, From Monday 8 November on his YouTube channel. This thrilling five-day series, produced by Westbrook Media, will show what drives Will Smith to push his limits and analyze the factors that led to his success – and it is precisely from this research that his recovery can begin.

Also in November, Fitbit will sponsor the five-city promotional tour of Will’s autobiography, “Will”, to support his path to well-being and the many “steps” still to be taken during the international book tour. Will’s autobiography will reveal the stages from which it was possible to understand that outer success, inner happiness and human connection must be in tune. Just follow Fitbit on social networks for more updates on Will’s efforts to achieve his own well-being and to stay up to date on new StrongWill collections coming to Fitbit Premium in 2022 with ever new methods to keep growing stronger. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!