The ignorant fairies: the series is coming to Disney Plus

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Le fate ignoranti, the new Italian series by Ferzan Özpetek, will be available on the Disney Plus platform from 13 April

Among the most anticipated films on Disney Plus in April, there is definitely the latest work of Ferzan Ozpetek, The ignorant fairiescomposed of 8 episodes and based on the 2001 hit film of the same name, with Margherita Buy e Stefano Accorsi. Instead, let’s see what the new series has in store for us.


When Massimo is killed in a terrible accident roada shocking discovery will put his wife Antonia to the test. In fact, through some research, the woman will become aware of clandestine relationship that her husband had with the young Michele. Antonia, destroyed by the news, will decide to investigate the hidden life of her husband, who turns out to be a completely different man from what she believed. After having managed to get in touch with Michele, establishing a strong friendship with him, the woman will know the secret circle of friends by Massimo, a kind of second family for him. The eccentric group will completely change the point of view that Antonia has on existence.

The ignorant fairies: the series is coming to Disney Plus

The cast of The ignorant fairies

The cast of this new series is made up of well-known faces of the Italian cinema. We will find in fact the role of Antonia Cristiana Capotondiwhile in Massimo’s, there will be Luca Argentero. Eduardo Scarpetta, already known for having taken part in The brilliant friend, will lend his face to Michele. Also in the cast Deniz Burakin the role of photographer Asaf, Paola Minaccioni in those of Luisella, owner of a fruit and vegetable shop e Serra Yilmaz in those of the palace administrator. Ambra Angiolini will be the astrologer and fortune teller Annamaria, Anna Ferzetti will play the psychologist Roberta, while Carla Signorinis will be Veronica, Antonia’s mother. Guest stars will also appear in the series, it is Elena Sofia Ricci e Milena Vukotic.

The script is by Ferzan Ozpetekwho wrote the series with Gianni Romoli, Carlotta Corradi e Massimo Bacchini. Produced by Tilde Courses for R&C Productionsthe series is directed by Özpetek himself, in collaboration with Gianluca Mazzellahis collaborator for over twenty years.

The director also relied on Mina, to create a song that could be a reference for the series. The singer then collaborated on this production with the song “Throwing Love“.

Özpetek’s words

The director explained that, nowadays, no one is scandalized any more when it turns out that a husband has cheated on his wifefor this he tried to tell a story that nevertheless struck the viewer:

Nobody is scandalized anymore if a man cheats on his wife with another man. What makes an impression is the betrayal of feelings, not the sexual betrayal. We are always stunned in the face of a betrayal of feelings.

To the microphones of RTL 102.5, the director then added:

I have enjoyed working with Disney very well, but also working with my wonderful actors. Cristiana Capotondi with whom I worked on this occasion for the first time, Luca Argentero who is present in all the episodes in an unusual way and Eduardo Scarpetta, a real discovery, will become a world actor.

We just have to wait for the April 13 to enjoy this new all-Italian series.

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