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The importance of a solid internet connection

2020 has given us many lessons and if some we soon forgot, there are others we learned very well. One of these concerns the home connection, of which we have finally understood the importance on many levels. This is exactly what we spoke to PierpaoloSales Trainer for AVM, one of the most important companies in this sector.

Home connectivity has long since become central to our lives

For many transformative processes of recent years, 2020 has not actually marked the departure but rather a concrete acceleration. This also applies to the importance of the home connection, an aspect that we have certainly already begun to understand for some time. After all, the online transfer of our life it has already started for several years.

L’entertainment with streaming it has now passed from analogue to digital networks, not only for the new generations, but has gone up the age groups to conquer even the highest ones. The world of gaming has undergone an evolution by increasingly shifting attention dal single player al multiplayer onlineso much so that many titles today make it a central, if not indispensable, element.

Undoubtedly our social relationships have also moved towards the online. Whether it is working aspects (between mail, Teams and Slack) or simply affective (via social media) we are increasingly inclined to create and maintain links through the web, more than other networks.

2020, taking away all other possibilities from us, has done nothing but put a spotlight on all these transformationslifting the veil of Maya and finally making us understand (including those who still resisted the process) as much as one Solid and fast home connection is essential.

So many have chosen to take steps forward. Finding yourself in difficulty with Internet access when it becomes essential for working, studying, keeping in touch with friends or even just finding a moment to relax has proved unsustainable. And so we welcome a continuous improvement of our technology, in order to obtain ever better results.

The word to Pierpaolo Gelmi

As anticipated, we spoke about these topics with those who are actively involved in these developments. We are talking about PierpaoloSales Trainer for AVM, whom we were able to meet in the company spaces at Milan Games Week. From his position, Gelmi can actually notice in advance and fully understand the transformations of the home connection market and beyond. So here’s what he told us…

How much has the awareness of the importance of a quality connection changed after 2020? When did we begin to understand how fundamental a good connection really was?

We began to understand how important a good connection was when we all found ourselves at home using so many connected devices. The involvement of streaming, video conferencing, calls, gaming and so on has given rise to this awareness of the need to have an optimally managed local network. Also in the networking field of course.

This is where a technology that we are pursuing in a very decisive way takes over: Wi-Fi 6, which allows you to manage many connected devices within a local network in an optimal way. This is because Wi-Fi 6 really goes to work on the density of connected devices within a local network.

Our products therefore, our FRITZ!Boxes such as the 7590 AX, 7530 AX or 4060 but also the signal repeaters in WiFi6, such as the FRITZ!Repeater 6000 and 3000 AX, which we are presenting right here at the fair, travel towards this direction to optimize the reception of all connected devices.

We are in the part dedicated more to gaming of this Fair and therefore I take a cue to ask you: what was the impact, from your point of view, of the now universality of online gaming, which went from being an extra to becoming in many cases everything for a title ?

Yes exactly, it has become a whole. Among other things, for a gamer and for those who play – especially online, as you said – there is more and more awareness that the networking base is fundamental within a gaming structure. Indeed it is very fundamental because it allows the success of the game, of course.

Zero latency, or at least the lowest possible latency, is essential. Thanks to our products, a gamer or anyone who uses it for this purpose has the possibility of having a lot of bandwidth, because in any case we have products that also reach 6000 Mbits per second to give the best of wireless signal delivery.

The operating system we make along with the hardware is also important. Thanks to this, it is possible to prioritize traffic to a certain game console, to give it maximum precision and maximum responsiveness. In short, give it more importance among the many connected devices. We can easily do this with our operating system. There is a lot of awareness of how important the networking aspect is.

home connection avm interview

One last question: what are the three points you need to keep in mind when choosing your own modem for home connection?

There can be several. The first element is to think about how many devices I’m going to connect to this modem and how many Wi-Fi 6 devices I have, for example. If there is a propensity towards a large number of Wi-Fi 6 devices, obviously I will have to go and choose a modem of this type to optimize.

The other point is certainly the safety issue, because a lot of data passes through these devices anyway. Therefore, having a FRITZ!Box with an integrated firewall allows you to safeguard what may be all aspects of your data passing through the device.

Another aspect is to also calculate the structure of the environment in which I am. Because based on the situation – whether it’s an environment on several floors, if it’s a single floor… – I can go and choose a solution that suits my needs. This is also thanks to our repeaters which can be installed on several floors of the house even in access point mode. In this way you can better manage the WiFi signal within the local network.

Among other things, a small extra note: thanks to the Mesh network that is created between our devices, I will also be able to circulate around the house without ever losing the signal because the FRITZ!Box and the repeater will take care of propagating it precisely.

For more information on FRITZ!Box and all other AVM products, please visit the official website.

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