Eufy aggiunge una nota all'app delle videocamere dopo le accuse thumbnail

Eufy adds note to camera app after allegations

Recently some security researchers would have revealed that, contrary to what is advertised, the Eufy cameras they transmit images to the cloud. A security concern, especially since some researchers have been able to see a video feed using VLC. Eufy has responded to the allegations and added a note to its camera app to say that, in some cases, some images may be streamed to the cloud. But the company’s statements they don’t seem to satisfy all experts.

Eufy responds to the allegations and adds a disclaimer note to its security camera app

The problems emerged with Euphy (Anker brand) recently are, to summarize, two. On the one hand, the company has repeatedly stated that it saves the images taken by your security cameras locallyor send them only to your smartphone with end-to-end encryption. A guarantee of safety, which however some researchers would have denied. In fact, they would have shown that the company uploads images from the cameras to AWS servers.

Furthermore, some researchers would have shown that by having access to the web address of the cameras, it would be possible to play the video feed via common media players like VLC.

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To answer the question, ZDNet points out that a note has appeared in the Eufy Security app explaining that “when users choose to receive messages with thumbnails” the suspicious images will be uploaded to the cloud to be sent. This update for the moment seems to have arrived only on the iOS app and not on the Android one.

The researcher who first brought up the problem however he thinks Eufy is underestimating the problem, because it would have uploaded the images online without notifying users first.

Furthermore, Eufy continues to deny that it is possible to view the images through external players and without protection. Despite several researchers and even some newspapers (such as The Verge) would proved the opposite. There are therefore many experts who think that the company should provide further clarifications.

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