Digital Marketing: i lavori più richiesti nel 2023 in Italia

The importance of digital content to promote your brand

Digital content, especially video advertising, is becoming an indispensable means of promoting a brand

In recent years, the technological innovations that have followed each other with an increasingly frequent frequency have led to a real revolution in the way in which a brand interacts with the potential customer.

From the multiplication of contact channels up to greater availability of digital content of great impact directly on your mobile phone: today the creation of valuable content becomes a fundamental aspect in terms of advertising for a brand, especially if we are talking about advertising videos.

The importance of digital content to promote your brand

Video: winning format in digital content

In addition to the traditional commercials intended for the television circuit, currently accessible only to companies with considerable budgets even small businesses are called upon to produce video content for online sharing platforms.

With a view to achieving the desired results and not wasting the investment, it is essential to rely on a team of qualified professionals such as multimedia authors. Let’s see below what to evaluate before and after the creation of multimedia content for promotional purposes.

The importance of digital content to promote your brand

Advertising videos: what to consider before starting the project?

Few formats can rival video when it comes to combine the persuasive power with the emotional one. That’s why since the spread of commercial television, commercials are one of the main investments of a company that wants to promote a product or service.

Today creative and production efforts are not relegated exclusively to the television channel, but are multiplied by virtue of the many platforms and social networks, whose algorithms reward content in video format. That’s why there are no more excuses for a company, even a modest one: today having a promotional video is essential in order to capture and coexist with the reference target.

In the phases preceding the creation of the operational point of view of a promotional video, the most important aspect is undoubtedly that of choose the right professional. In fact, too often the entrepreneurial realities that do not have a large budget available for promotional activities can make errors of evaluation.

Lured by a very low budget or the promise of too fast, some may find themselves with a final result not at all in line with expectations and, in the worst cases, even unusable. As anticipated, relying on qualified sector specialists can be of fundamental importance to help a marketing department, or even a small business, translate into video format the message you want to convey.

Once the values ​​or the more concrete aspects that must emerge in the content have been identified, a professional who knows format-specific languages can propose the most effective and impactful way to strike and keep the audience’s attention.

The importance of digital content to promote your brand

Maximizing results: how to best disseminate advertising videos on the various channels

Those involved in marketing in operational terms have recently acquired an increasingly strong awareness: the medium is the message itself. This means that each communication channel has its own peculiarities in terms of language, tone and mode of expression.

However, this would require an important investment to have different contents suitable for each medium. At this point an important choice arises: on the one hand you can opt for the creation of a video designed specifically for a single platform. This option can be in line with the needs of those who have a good budget or are looking for a “corporate” video, therefore linked to the immutable values ​​of the company.

On the other hand, it is possible to opt for a strategy to maximize return on investment, by broadcasting the video on as many channels as possible. Very suitable for freelancers and companies that have to deal with a decidedly limited budget, this strategy still requires some more consideration.

While commissioning the creation of highly versatile content, vermake sure there are no excessive discrepancies between the tone used and the native tone of the specific social platform or any other site on which the video is broadcast. By paying attention to this aspect, a coherent and captivating image can be promoted at a sustainable cost and above all without stumbling into communication missteps.

Nowadays it is very likely be faced with unexpected events due to a less than positive response from the reference community on social networks. Hence, by relying on true professionals, it is possible not only to obtain a video that captures attention, but also to study a tone in line with the public to which you want to address.

In conclusion we can state that it is really crucial to promote a company’s products, services or values through this format, both on television and on social networks, adopting languages ​​in line with the target platform. Once the most suitable expert has been chosen to carry out the project, the company will have obtained a promotional video that can be used to wow the potential audience and achieve business results. That’s all from the web and social section, keep following us!