The induction cooker of the iQ700 Siemens studioLine hobs between efficiency and design

La cucina a induzione dei piani iQ700 Siemens studioLine tra efficienza e design thumbnail

The Kitchen modern is always looking for new technologies to improve the culinary experience of users. Siemens Home Appliances is the European leader for built-in appliances in high-end kitchens. It is at the forefront of the development and research of technologies that can make everyday life extraordinary through its home appliances. It is with this same spirit that the brand renews the induction hobs of the premium studioLine range, presenting the new iQ700 plans.

The new Siemens iQ700 hobs for a latest generation kitchen

These new appliances best represent the key themes of Siemens, namely the care for design combined with innovative, connected and latest generation technologies. The new hobs best interpret the concept of Intelligent Kitchen that guides the brand. It thus integrates perfectly with the entire kitchen environment and the appliances inside.

One of the distinguishing features of the new iQ700 hobs is the introduction of function flexInduction. It is a sophisticated technology designed to guarantee the user maximum flexibility in the kitchen. In fact, it is no longer necessary to manually adjust the size of the cooking zone, because each hob is able to recognize it independently.

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Smart sensors automatically detect pans placed on the glass ceramic surface and merge or split the inductors underneath it. Thanks to the advanced motion detection capability of these sensors, when the need arises to move pots and pans across the surface of the hob, all settings are transferred with a single touch.

Innovations in design

The iQ700 Siemens kitchen tops also feature some innovations in design, as always with attention to the smallest details and in line with the canons of minimal and rigorous elegance that distinguish the Siemens brand. The glass-ceramic surface comes in an even darker and more vibrant shade of black, which emphasizes the TFT Touch display of the controls, which lights up once it is turned on. distinctive studioLine blue.

The user interface is also extremely intuitive, thanks to the function dual lightSliderwhich allows the user to control their hob by touching or scrolling, adjusting the temperature, intensity and suction power of the hood, for models that have integrated it.

The Home Connect app to control the induction hob remotely

Siemens, which has always offered solutions where technology occupies the first place, with the new iQ700 hobs, also contributes to the creation of an increasingly interconnected home in the name of home automation, allowing users greater freedom and comfort of use in the life of everyday.

through theapp Home Connectit is possible to easily control the induction hob directly from a smartphone or tablet from anywhere, sending recommended settings for the preparation of a dish, adjusting the suction level of the fan, as well as being able to check at any time if the hob has been correctly worn out.