The Invincible svelato dal primo teaser trailer thumbnail

The Invincible unveiled from the first teaser trailer

The Invincible unveiled from the first teaser trailer thumbnail

Starward Industries published the first teaser trailer of the new The Invincible. It is a single player video game of sci-fi and retro-futuristic thriller genre. The game is inspired by the successful novel of the same name by the brilliant science fiction author Stanisław Lem. The Invincible is still under development and will be released on next-generation PCs and consoles in the course of 2022.

The Invincible will arrive on PC and consoles in 2022

The new The Invincible is shown today in a new teaser trailer in view of the future debut. The new project is curated by Starward Industries, a development studio founded by professionals who have worked on successful titles such as The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Dead Island, Dying Light, Call of Juarez. The game is developed with Unreal Engine.

The new teaser trailer introduces the Doctor Yasna el’Astrogator Novik, the main characters of The Invincible. The story is set in an alternate, retro-futuristic timeline. The game will be released in the course of 2022. The release is scheduled on console next-generation (Playstation 5, Xbox Series X e S) e su PC. More details on the project will be disclosed over the next few weeks. To stay up to date on the game you can follow the official site.

The trailer

Here is the new teaser trailer for the game:

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