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Best smartwatch | November 2021: the guide of Tech Princess

You are looking for the best smartwatch to monitor your health and physical activity, to receive notifications and even to answer calls from your wrist? Our buying guide will help you choose the right device, also based on the range of price.

Best smartwatch | November 2021: our guide

We have divided our selection into five price ranges, ranging from a few tens of euros up to a few hundred. This is because the features range from count steps and receive notifications only, while others are small “wrist smartphones” with a thousand functions. Especially for the more expensive models, it might be convenient to take advantage of promotions like those of the Black Friday. (The prices we report here do not take into account these discounts, they may vary).

But let’s not delay: let’s discover our selection of the best smartwatches in circulation, divided into price ranges.

The best smartwatches under 50 euros

In this range we find devices a half between smartwatches and “smart bands”: smaller screens and limited functions. If you need above all to monitor your physical activity and track your workouts, perhaps by receiving notifications from your smartphone (but without responding), you can save money and find products with a battery that lasts a long time.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

xiaomi mi smart band 6-min

The new version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 maintains what made this line one of the most chosen: quality and low price sports surveys. You can count steps, record sports, measure blood oxygenation. But also find smartwatch functions such as call notifications and the ability to remotely take fire with your smartphone. All at a very low cost.

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Amazfit Bip S


This smartwatch weighing only 31 grams has the‘autonomy of almost a month, all the health features perfected by Amazfit (including PAI), heart rate monitoring. And then it receives notifications on its color screen. The price of some variants is just over 50 euros, but it may be worth it to choose the color you prefer: you will never take it off your wrist.

Best smartwatch under 100 euros

Here the screens become larger and more colorful, the most complete features. Elegant devices to hold on your wrist and that can monitor your health in a big way. If you don’t need the advanced features of the more expensive models, you can find great devices with a great value for money.

Huawei Watch Fit

huawei watch fit best smartwatch 2021-min

If you don’t need complex features (for example, replying to messages or the voice assistant), we would like to recommend this smartwatch with your eyes closed. Colorful and large screen, good readings for health and sport. But above all a great simplicity of use: if it is your first smartwatch, you cannot ask for better.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite


a beautiful 1.4 inch screen, autonomy for almost ten days and an intuitive management of sports functions are just the beginning. Xiaomi’s smartwach offers the ability to manage notifications with fluidity and there are also many colored watch faces.

The best smartwatches under 200 euros

In this price range there are starting to be quite complete smartwatches. Great screens, responsive to touch and packed with features. Here you start finding the support of voice assistants, extra function for sports and the ability to respond to notifications. In this range you will find some of the best smartwatches for value for money.

Fitbit Versa 3

fitbit versa 3 best smartwatches november 2021-min

Fitbit has always demonstrated its quality and consistency in collecting data on health and sports. Versa 3 also has the continuous heart rate monitoring. And then it gives the possibility to use Spotify or another music streaming app, to respond to notifications and also to use thevoice assistant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung-Galaxy-Watch-Active-2 miglior smartwatch active 2

Samsung thought this smartwatch for sports people, and it is perhaps the best smart watch in this category. But the management of notifications, the presence of NFC for payments and the really great screen make it a complete product at a really competitive price.
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Honor Magic Watch 2

honor magic watch 2 best smartwatches-min

At a very competitive price you will find a real watch look, a declared autonomy of two weeks and a beautiful one 1.39 inch round screen. In addition, there is no lack of good notification management and well-implemented sports surveys.
Finally, know that there are two versions: a larger and masculine one and a more compact one with more neutral lines. You can find the review of the latter here.

Fossil Gen 5E

In this price range it is difficult to find a better smartwatch, especially if you want to use all the WearOS features. There are the NFC payments, handling all kinds of good quality on-screen notifications. Too bad for runners and cyclists, because there is no GPS.

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro


This smartwatch comes with an aggressive price for its qualities. There are all Amazfit good health readings, one really gorgeous screen (even for higher price ranges). You can also use Alexa as a voice assistant, use Spotify or upload music to your smartwatch. Really complete.

Garmin Venu Sq

garmin come sq best smartwatch-min

Garmin doesn’t offer the colorful screens of the best smartwatches in this price range. But the orderly management of notifications, support for the Garmin Pay and above all the excellent selection of sports and health app worth the price. If you love sports, the value for money is impressive.

To learn more, take a look at our review of Garmin Venu Sq (in Music version).

OnePlus Watch

OnePlus Watch italia-min

A beautiful screen, good sports features and 4GB of space for music make up for the few applications on OnePlus’ smartwatch operating system: this is their first product. But what convinces are the great autonomy for two weeks and then above all the really winning price.

Apple Watch Series 3

apple watch series 3 best smartwatches-min

It might seem strange to propose a now “old” four-year smartwatch among the best in circulation. But if you have an iPhone, you can take advantage of the many features of watchOS even with this somewhat dated hardware. If you want to spend as little as possible but have a great companion for your iPhone, this is the right choice.

Best smartwatch under 300 euros

In this range you will find truly complete devices, with advanced features such as the ability to use voice assistants and answer calls, as well as truly beautiful and colorful screens. For the vast majority of people, you don’t need to spend more: find some of the best smartwatches around.

Apple Watch SE

apple watch se 2021-min

If we had to choose the best smartwatch ever, Apple Watch SE would be one of the most eligible candidates. It doesn’t have the larger screen than the just announced Series 7 and especially the ECG is missing, which is used to monitor the heartbeat. But if you are willing to give it up, it does whatever it takes for the best. If you have an iPhone, it is the recommended choice.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 modelsA sinistra Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, a destra Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

A gorgeous display, fast charging (half an hour for ten hours of battery life) and a truly elegant look. It also arrives ONE UI Watch, the software developed together with Google, which allows you to make the most of the new Exynos processor. If you even have one smartphone o una smart TV Samsung, it becomes even perfect. But in general, for Android users there are few comparisons.

Oppo Watch

oppo watch battery life-min

Oppo surprised us with its Watch. In the look he decided to recall Apple Watch, an uncomfortable comparison. Which also tackles in a big way: gorgeous screen, great autonomy and especially all the functions you can look for in a smartwatch. From notifications to voice assistant through to answering calls with included speakers.

TicWatch Pro 3

ticwatch pro 3-min

The TicWatch smartwatch offers protection IP68, ensuring great resistance. But it doesn’t give up on functions: everything you need for health, integrated microphone for the calls and all the WearOS: a complete smartwatch at a very competitive price.

Garmin VivoActive 4

garmin vivoactive 4-min

Garmin maintains and improves all sports features in VivoActive 4, the perfect smartwatch for anyone who wants keep fit but also stay connected. In fact, there is a great deal of attention to the management of notifications, there is Garmin Pay and the possibility of saving music on the smartwatch.

Fossil Gen 6

Fossil Gen 6

The platform Snapdragon 400 improves even more the already excellent performance of the past generation of the Fossil smartwatch. There are all the functions you need for sports and health, including continuous heart rate monitoring. And then the complete notification management and the ability to respond to calls. Furthermore, we see that Fossil has always made watches: it style of Gen 6 fears no rivals.

Best smartwatch above 400 euros

If you have no spending limits, there are some really interesting smartphones that offer the ultimate in technology. Most people will not need to spend these amounts, but if you want the ultimate or are professional sportsmen, you will be happy to exceed 400 euros to get the best smartwatch ever.

Apple Watch Series 7

apple watch series 7 italia-min

The new Apple Watch has arrived and, as always, it’s the smartwatch to beat. Compared to the already excellent Series 6 it has it 20% larger screen and better battery management. But above all you can take advantage of theECG and excellent watchOS software management. If you have an iPhone this is the thicker option.

Garmin Fenix ​​…

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