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The iPhone 14 Pro will not be in Sierra Blue and titanium

As we get closer to Apple’s “Far Out” event, more and more details about the next iPhone 14 e iPhone 14 Pro. In particular, the latest rumors come from the user “yeux1122” of the Korean blog Naver, who cites a “US developer source” as the source of the information. In two separate posts, the account exposes alleged color information iPhone 14 and details related to features such as MagSafe, performance and more. Are you curious to know what it is?

iPhone 14: leaks on the Net about colors, MagSafe and performance

According to reports from the Korean blog Naver, Apple will no longer offer a blue color option for its high-end range of “iPhone 14 Pro“, including the Sierra Blue introduced with the iPhone 13 Pro last year. Instead, what we should expect, against all predictions of the case, is that the new iPhone Pro will be available in dark violet, argento, oro, graphite e verde. As for the standard iPhone 14 models, however, Apple should keep the same colors as the current iPhone 13, with the exception of pink. In any case, it must be said that the rumors about the color proposals of the new iPhone series are really very confusing. Some time ago, for example, an image of an iPhone 14 with a color similar to the Pacific Blue of the iPhone 12 Pro series was published online. An indiscretion denied today by the Naver blog.

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But the colors of the iPhone 14 don’t seem to be the only details leaked recently. Apparently, some time ago it was thought that Apple could release a titanium Pro model. But according to yeux1122 the company eventually decided to give up this option, because excessively expensive and difficult to mass produce. On the contrary, what we will see greatly improved is the MagSafe. The new iPhone models will have stronger magnets, which will make them stronger for attaching accessories. And they will also feature a new “exclusive battery accessory”, although it’s not yet clear what that is – probably, it could refer to an updated MagSafe battery pack -.

Furthermore, the latest rumors should concern the chip supply. According to the user above, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are expected to hit the market with the chip A16 Bionic. This would translate into significantly improved performance over the current series Pro models, with increased speed and better thermal management. On the other hand, the iPhone 14‌ and ‌iPhone 14‌ Max should have the A15 Bionic chip of the iPhone 13‌. Finally, in line with analysts’ forecasts, the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ range will start again to 128GBdespite an alleged price increase. And, just like the current series, will reach 1 TB of storage space.

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