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The iPhone 15 Pro will not have an 8P sensor for the camera

The new iPhone 15 Pro will not have an 8P lens for the main thumbnail camera

Apple is already working on new ones iPhone 15 Pro e 15 Ultra (model that should replace the Pro Max). According to some rumors last week, Apple’s new top of the range should present an 8-element sensor instead of 7 for the rear camera. This rumor was denied by the insider Ming-Chi Kuo, a real point of reference for rumors about the Apple world. Apple should continue to aim for a 7P target for the next iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra.

The new iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will not have an 8P photo sensor

The tweet of Ming-Chi Kuo aims to clarify what will be the characteristics of the new iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra. From the point of view of photographic quality, in fact, there should not be substantial differences compared to the current Pro. Smartphones they will not use 8P lenses but will continue to propose a 7P lens. There will almost certainly be an evolution, also the result of various types of optimization interventions, but this innovation is postponed, probably for a year.

Note, however, that the new 15 Pro and Ultra should feature a telephoto sensor with periscope lens (solution that could also be exclusive to Ultra). A choice of this type should guarantee the possibility of improving the optical zoom even more compared to the current generation of iPhone. In any case, confirmations should arrive on the issue over the next few weeks.

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