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Instagram plays trick or treat: the best memes on the social network

An unwelcome Halloween trick Instagram, which for some hours has been manifesting many problems, even quite serious ones. And between users who find their profile blocked and serial posters who are unable to upload photos, the world of the web has poured out, as often happens in these cases, on Twitter where the hashtag #Instagramdown it is currently first in trends. The social network recently acquired by Elon Musk has become in these hours a real collector of despair but also hilarity, thanks to the irresistible meme on Instagram down. We have selected the best ones for you, with the hope of compensating this little trick from Meta with a treat.

All the memes on Instagram down today, October 31, 2022

Well, the intercom didn’t work “

Love at the time of the Instagram down“(Gabriel García Márquez, forse)

We are at 14.122.344“(Mark Zuckerberg’s lawyer, perhaps)

They now rise to 14,122,345“(Mark Zuckerberg’s assistant attorney, certainly)

“I am intelutt … .. inaccessible” (Thanostagram, perhaps)

The craziest social network in the world (and if provolina writes it we believe it)

In the age of universal connection, the Instagram down is a revolutionary act” (George Orwell, forse)

“Click but don’t open, open but don’t get blocked” (Our business, all of us)

“I hope a down like this never comes back” (Domenico Modugno)

I’m not crying, I just got a Reels in my eye “

And I’d like to tag you but I’m always wrong “ (Mahmood feat. Blanco, forse)

But couldn’t this friend ask for it alone? Or maybe she didn’t have Twitter?

“Afraid huh?” (Carlo Lucarelli, perhaps; Fabio De Luigi who imitates Carlo Lucarelli, certainly)

I feel like a Bitcoin after a tweet from Elon Musk

Schrödinger’s social network

Mark you are the Anti-Hero” (Taylor Swift, forse)

The instructions are written in Mandarin Chinese only“(The Instagram technician called to solve the problem)

One at a time, one at a time for charity “

“Positivism is a current of thought characterized by the predominance of the practical moment and material interest, associated with a partial or total exclusion of ideal or affective motives” (Oxford Dictionary)

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