The iPhone is increasingly replacing car keys

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Increasingly connected and technological, this is how theiPhone replaces always of more the keys dell’auto. In particular we refer to all iPhones from the 11 series onwards.

What is special about them?

The iPhone are equipped with chip ultra wideband (UWB). This has unique qualities and is able to locate in complete safety.

Apple, iPhone increasingly replaces car keys, source Pixabay

Apple with iPhone paves the way and enters the automotive sector

Thanks to the iPhone, Apple is becoming more and more a protagonist in the automotive world as well. With iPhone, in addition to opening numerous applications. Like tracking devices (the AirTag).

And the connection to the car for opening the doors and starting the engine, effectively replacing the vehicle keys with the telephone.

It’s only been two years since Apple it came with Car Key on the market. Especially the first car manufacturer to test and adopt the system is BMW. Apparently unlock and unlock the car with theiPhone is secure and outperforms current Bluetooth-based keyless systems.

Not just BMWs

Now, the Monaco house is the one that has broad compatibility with the technology. Above all, we want to keep up with the times compared to other competitors. Recently, however, the manufacturers have begun to follow BMW: Hyundai, Kia e Genesis. We remind you that it has also recently been added to the list Mercedes adds itself to the list with the new ones class E.

For example, the new luxury sedans from the Stuttgart company will allow their owners not only to to unlock the vehicle and to boot the engine through iPhone e Apple Watchbut also to share the digital key with up to 16 people.

Apple, iPhone increasingly replaces car keys, source PixabayApple, iPhone increasingly replaces car keys, source Pixabay

You can also set them permissions different, for example granting access but not the goodwill of the engine.

Lotus also arrives

A thought is doing it too Lotus. It would seem that he should introduce it in his own cars. Now, however, the Car Key does not seem to have the desired success at the moment.

From what can we deduce this?

The investments of Apple in the field automotive they are more and more importantand match (or exceed) those of Google.

In 2022, as the Wall Street Journal also reports, the clash of the two giants of the Web would be moving to four wheels. On the one hand Android Auto e CarPlay represent the most used solutions for navigation and infotainment systems.

Attention, Apple is expected to release a new version of this year CarPlay. While in 2025 we await the Apple Car. As for the new version of CarPlay, we have already had the opportunity to appreciate the renderings, but unfortunately we know that it will not be able to arrive on all vehicles as it will require dedicated hardware.

Unlike Car Keythe new version of CarPlay it has already been a huge hit with automakers, and there are few who haven’t announced support for it by the end of the year. Which is to be expected, if we think that in the United States 80% of car buyers would not consider a model without CarPlay.

The appointment to find out more should be next WWDC, where you hope to get more details, while, based on the typical Apple calendar, the new CarPlay could make its entrance with the launch of the next iPhone, in September 2023.

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