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The Italian trailer of Gold, the Australian thriller starring Zac Efron

Adler Entertaiment is pleased to announce the arrival in theaters on June 9 of the Australian survival thriller Gold, and takes the opportunity to release the intriguing Italian trailer.

Finally the Italian trailer of Gold, a new survival thriller starring Zac Efron and Anthony Heyes, who also dealt with directing and screenwriting. Susie Porter is also in the cast

Adler Entertainment announces that the Australian film will hit theaters starting June 9.

The plot

In a not too distant futuretwo wanderers who, traveling through the desert, come across an incredibly large gold nugget, the largest ever found.

The two begin to imagine what a luxurious life they could ever lead and soon they are blinded by the boundless wealth they have in their handsso while one of the two sets off to look for the equipment necessary to be able to unearth it, the other remains to check it and wait for him.

The latter will have to face the harsh desert climate and will have to defend itself from countless other dangersconsisting of wolves, stray dogs and mysterious intruders.

As he fights for his survival he makes his way into him in thought that he is left alone.

The Italian trailer of Gold, the Australian thriller starring Zac Efron

The shooting

Zac Efron will appear particularly worn out by the challenges his character will have to face throughout the film. The actor himself stated that she was one of the toughest job trials I’ve ever faced.

The process of Gold itself was very demanding, in fact the sandstorms all actually happened during the shoot. The crew and cast suffered from the desert heat and had to use a lot of sunscreen.

And are you ready to dive into this new thriller and be overwhelmed by anguish together with the protagonists? Let us know in a comment!

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