The Kill Room, Uma e Maya Hawke nel trailer della dark comedy

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Uma Thurman and daughter Maya Hawke act together for the first time in The Kill Room, a dark comedy that is shown in a first trailer

The Kill Room presents its very rich cast in the first trailer, in which you can enjoy an extra gem: Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke, mother and daughter, star together for the first time in the dark comedy. The Kill Room also includes in its cast Samuel L. Jackson, Joe Manganiello and Debi Mazar. The actors play a gallery owner, Patrice, a hit man named Reggie Pitt and his crime boss Gordon Davis.

The Kill Room, the rich cast in the first trailer

This unlikely trio sets up a cunning one crime money laundering plan through art world, suddenly becoming business partners. To make the plan work, they need to turn Reggie into an artist and for him to make paintings to sell, so the deal becomes legitimate. Unfortunately Reggie lets himself be inspired too much by his life as a criminal and his paintings become a sort of story of his murders, a detail naturally kept well secret and which increasingly launches the mysterious Bagman’s charm on the New York art scene. And his unexpected success begins to attract more attention than expected, from potential buyers and the press, prompting Patrice to look for a way out.

Unlike Uma Thurman, her daughter Maya Hawke (who rose to prominence with Stranger Things) has a minor role in the film and plays one of the characters eager to find out the truth about the most talked about artist in New York. As well as being a great opportunity for mother and daughter to share the same set, The Kill Room also allowed Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman to reunite almost 30 years after the success of Pulp Fiction. The director is Nicol Paone, a comedian who has already worked on other grotesque comedies in her first experience with a large production.

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