The Last of Us: HBO apre le porte al possibile Spin-Off

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The Last of Us HBO series, may have a possible spin-off in the closet. Here’s all the news revealed by director and co-writer Craig Mazin

The director and co-writer of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin declared himself ready to open the doors to a possible spin-off attached to the series. In fact, according to the statements found on the web, the successful HBO series comes from the gaming universe of PlayStation; would be next to rule new horizons with a possible saga. Here are Craig Mazin’s statements:

In principle I have nothing against it. And I’m sure Neil would be interested too. If it were something sensible I see no reason to say no. My great hope is that if there is something like this, it will always be done with the same care and respect that we are putting into the series right now.

The Last of Us: the news on the next HBO season and the spin-off

Talking to The Wrap, Craig Mazin guess together with the developer Neil Druckman; the desire to expand the narrative universe of The Last of Us, making it as faithful as possible to the post-apocalyptic world described in video games. Here are more statements exclusively revealed by the director and co-writer:

You never know. It might wrap up after three or five seasons, but four seems like a good number to me. Some seasons, due to the story we’re telling, will need fewer episodes and some more

At the moment neither HBO nor Craig Mazin have provided further details or presumed release dates on the future spin-off. The only certainty relating to the panorama of the series of The Last of Usis related to cconfirmation of the second season scheduled. Already previously announced, it will see the return of the two protagonists of the series Bella Ramsey e Peter Pascal, respectively interpreters of the protagonists Ellie and Joel. Filming currently stopped following the strike involving Hollywood screenwriters and actors; could lead the waiting of thelanding on demand until 2025.

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