The Last of Us, Part 1: how to kill clickers… without too much trouble

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From mouse clicks to trigger clicks: here’s how to “shroom” in The Last Of Us Part 1 and kill those annoying clickers

Since even before it was necessary to specify that we are talking about Part 1 of the saga, come many of you may know i clicker are the most iconic enemies of The Last of Us for one reason: their verve that makes them some of the toughest obstacles for Joel and Ellie to kill. Not only are they resilient, but they also pose a constant threat. Of course you also have the option to avoid them with all the stealth mechanics the game puts at your disposal. These zombies, however, pose a tangible danger whenever you are in closed and crowded environments. We just talked about it recently for another game…

However, the slightest noise is enough to transform these mycological enemies into mythological killers. The key to getting out of the adventure (but not the franchise, right Joel?) unscathed is to eliminate the stinkers quickly and bring home the pellaccia. And this is where, modesty aside, we come into play. Don’t be fooled by the fact that the infected have lost their sight in the third state: theecholocation, on the other hand, works so well with bats. They get their name from the typical “click” of the process, which has also made them some of the most terrifying videogame monsters in the world. Let’s get rid of it!

Shooter philosophy, but not quite – The Last Of Us Part 1: how to kill clickers

The fastest way to kill clickers from afar is to take advantage of the most improved weapons you have in The Last of Us Part 1, as you could imagine. But if these enemies are devoid of attacks from afar, it is also true that entering completely into the FPS line of thought will only give you trouble. Specifically, usually a headshot turns out to be the best option. It is a pity that the skull of a zombie of this type is covered by a particularly tough mushroom, which is why we would rather advise you to look elsewhere. Heart, lungs, groin, wherever you want. Not to the head though!

It must also be said that the cursed (we are running out of synonyms, and we cannot quote verbatim the description that Ellie dedicates to them in Part II) have an overdeveloped hearing. Therefore, opening fire in crowded areas may not be the best of ideas. If there are many, try the good old one molotov. Leaving aside Pokémon’s “fire beats grass” reasoning, roasting these infected guarantees a chain reaction thanks also to the screams with which the clickers will attract other similar ones, who (blind as moles) will end up on the grill in turn. And they all died trifolated and happy.

The Last of Us, Part 1: how to kill clickers... without too much trouble

Do you like to win easy? – The Last of Us Part 1: How to kill clickers

It would really be a godsend if you could fight off the zombie apocalypse with buckshot, huh? Yeah, too bad you won’t always have such a comfortable option. Sometimes you might don’t have the wiggle room necessary to open fire without risk of reprisals. When things get like this (so bad, of course), the stealth remains the most sensible choice, although in saying this we caused a cuddle in half of the speedrunners listening. Of course, if we talk about stealth it is also spoken of distractionsand it just so happens that it’s possible to give clickers something else to look after.

You can trick zombies (not that a zombie shines with intelligence, mind you) throwing bottles and bricks around. The principle is the same already seen in other titles with stealth mechanics: create a fake noise as a diversion, and the bad guys fall for it with all their shoes. This trick allows you to move enemies from their tactically unpleasant starting position, by virtue of a more favorable point. Why waste ammunition, on the other hand, when in a survival horror in which the latter are so precious, melee is much better? Attack them from behind as soon as you isolate them and, if you have a weapon that allows it, lunge them for a quick and silent takedown.

The Last of Us, Part 1: how to kill clickers... without too much trouble

Violation of common sense – The Last of Us Part 1: how to kill clickers

If you really feel like it (and, if so, the question is: why?), you can also play hot potato and confront clickers openly. If so, that bottle what brick that you used to create a diversion in the previous paragraph can be thrown in the face of the infected. If you remember correctly, the zest of mushrooms on the face is pretty hard, but that won’t stop you from rebuke them temporarily. At this point, step forward and use your best melee weapon. Just be careful not to attract… well, attention: enemies of other types won’t pay attention to you, but clickers are more than happy to prank you.

It takes a bit of creativity to see the end credits in the game, but if there is one universal tip for dealing with the myriad of clickers that will block your way, it is to always carry a weapon suitable for stabbing them. You have the option to craft knives, so take full advantage of it and you will see that you will spend the game doing anything but regret it. Furthermore, since there is an upgrade perfectly in theme with this weapon, the supplements spent to obtain it will allow you to stab a clicker as soon as you find yourself in the midst of a scuffle with them. It doesn’t necessarily mean basing your defenses on that, but…

The Last of Us, Part 1: how to kill clickers... without too much trouble

… always watch out for mad mushrooms

Try looking for a compilation of deaths against the infected on YouTube, even if you don’t have the game. Give it a try. You will always notice the same constant: ending up in the grip (to be understood in a disgustingly literal sense) of a clicker means instant death. In other words, the upgrade we suggested earlier is not a simple concession; we are talking about a real lifesaver. In terms of survival horror comparison, we’re talking about the equivalent of Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis, and while they don’t carry a rocket launcher these monsters aim to get you back to the loading screen in the shortest time possible.

No one forces you to stop paying attention to other enemies, on the contrary. If at all, what we mean is that you have to keep your eyes open with any opponent, and to grow two more in case of a clicker. Let us know below if our help has served you, and as always, don’t forget to stay on tuttotek for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.