The Last Of Us Part 2 potrebbe arrivare presto su PlayStation Plus thumbnail

The Last Of Us Part 2 could be coming to PlayStation Plus soon

The Last Of Us Part 2 could arrive soon on PlayStation Plus thumbnail

The Last Of Us Part 2 could become part of the catalogue PlayStation Plus, but only for Premium level subscribers. This was revealed by a clue published on Twitter (or, if you prefer, X) in these hours.

The Last of Us Part 2 on PlayStation Plus? A clue arrives

The indiscretion comes from an insider who published a screenshot on social media. In a post on X/Twitter a user shared a promotional image of the service, showing some games. Among these stand out Hogwarts Legacy, Horizon Forbidden West and The Last Of Us Part 2. Below is the offending post.

Although the first two are already available in the catalog for the Premium and Extra plans, the second chapter of The Last of Us is not included in the service’s library. We can therefore understand that the game will arrive in the catalog in the near future.

Premium level subscribers can still play the first The Last of Us trial for free.

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