The Last of Us Remake: release scheduled for the second half of 2022?

According to the latest rumors, the release of the Remake of The Last of Us and of the mysterious multiplayer would be scheduled for the second half of 2022

Now many rumors surround the next big project from the development house Naughty Dog. Persistent rumors give for sure the arrival of a remake version of the classic The Last of Us released almost 10 years ago. Apparently, players won’t have to wait too long. According to insider Tom Henderson, it looks like the release of the much coveted The Last of Us Remake is set for the second half of 2022. Also, along with the remake will come other projects important. Let’s see the details.

The release of The Last of Us Remake would be set for a late 2022

From the statements of Tom Henderson, the insider has received some information from several people who appear confirm the near completion of the title. But that’s not all, because Naughty Dog is currently working on more projects. One of these could come too in the course of 2022 along with the release of The Last of Us Remake. In fact, some time ago, there was talk of a new title standalone multiplayer. A kind of equivalent to Factions, multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2. Unfortunately, it is not yet known for sure data of these projects, namely the remake of the first chapter, the multiplayer standalone and the noisy Director’s Cut of the second chapter.

The Last of Us Remake: release scheduled for the second half of 2022?

However, the Co-president of the development house, Neil Druckmann, said the studio is working on “multiple projects”. This seems to corroborate the thesis of both the Remake and the new great multiplayer title. Assuming, it is possible that the latter is even a free-to-play. It would not be excluded that the title could be a great one platform that integrates stories from two previous chapters. Especially after Druckmann’s declarations of intent regarding the ambition and preservation of what distinguishes the development team, or the know how for titles story driven.

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