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The Last Of Us: Writers Explain Episode 3

Protect and risk, these are the words with which Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann would describe the fantastic episode 3 of The Last Of Us

It is undeniable, the success of The Last Of Us is on the rise, so much so that the second season has already been renewed with the release of episode 1 x 3 (here our review). This is because viewers have loved the series from the beginning, showing enthusiasm and expressing approval for the accuracy with which it captures the scenes of the video game from which it is inspired.

With episode 3 we witnessed a little depth dynamic in the video game. It is the story of two minor characters, Bill and Frank, played respectively by Nick Offerman e Murray Bartlett. Craig Mazin e Neil Druckmannthe writers of the show, have focused on the choice of giving them this space.

The Last Of Us: Writers Explain Episode 3

The Last Of Us: the words of Mazin and Druckmann on episode 3

Regarding the choice of giving three-dimensionality to Bill and Frank, Craig Mature confessed:

I well remember my emotional reaction to some moments in the story. Especially when Bill talks about his partner. When I heard his story, I really wanted to know more. We knew we also had the opportunity to show, step by step, how the world would evolve, one day, one month, one year later, another year, up to the present of history. We wanted to have the opportunity to step back and watch the world slowly change over time. And we thought doing that through the evolution of this relationship would be a great way.

The writer then underlined:

I think the relationship between Bill and Frank was perfect to understand what it means to “protect and risk”. Their relationship seemed like a good opportunity to express these two concepts, without straying or betraying the plot of the game.

Also Neil Druckmann commented on the choice to deepen these two characters:

In this third installment of The Last Of Us, we get to unplug from Joel and Ellie and go see what Bill’s life was like when the epidemic broke out; what that relationship with Frank was like and expand it in an interesting and emotional way, which we couldn’t do in the game. There, the whole story has to be told around the gamer, while the series doesn’t have those constraints.

We look forward to the next episodes, to understand if and which other characters we will meet and how these will be developed.

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