The latest announcements from Dell Technologies

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On the occasion of CES 2023 which was held a few weeks ago, Dell Technologies announced many incredible news. Let’s summarize them together and analyze them.

Dell Technologies announcements during CES 2023

In five or ten years, how will we connect with our colleagues? Through holograms, or immersed in virtual reality? Or like now, from the laptop?

I virtual worlds not immersive experiences offer innovative ways to connect with others and with your own content. Now that work patterns are more personalized and people more distributed, it’s more critical than ever to understand how to collaborate and achieve goals.

With the Dell Technologies work team analyze trends e future technologies, experiment with solutions e re-imagine experiences. While it is undeniable that immersive environments will play an important role in future working models, face-to-face meetings, instant messages, collaboration tools and video calls they will continue to exist. That’s why they want to focus first on theuser experience and on daily micro-moments.

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How will people interact when the different realities are connected to each other? With what tools will they move seamlessly between these?

Smart and familiar tools for future interactions

Concept Nyx has the ability to deliver computational ability all-round, edge-fed; with it Dell Technologies explored how popular devices and peripherals could be combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work as a single ecosystemoffering easily accessible and engaging experiences that go beyond the game.

In their laboratories they have developed numerous demo immersive e concept to understand how they can help people move intuitively between different spaces and activities. From the construction of Virtual Realities (VR) fully immersive up to experiences of Mixed reality (XR) with displays and other tools that don’t need a VR headset.

These are the environments that have allowed him to develop Concept Nyx Companion. It is a Lightweight tablet-style device which can be viewed and accessed in VR and XR environments to ensure that user content is in a only place as they are moved between different spaces and activities. With this concept you will no longer need to take pictures o copy notes. Users will be able to easily take a screenshot and/or copy the contents of their workspace to share them between screens.

Con Concept Nyx Stylushowever, it is possible enter voice notes o by pendrag them, drop them into digital and virtual collaboration spaces, and even use voice command to create AI images. All these tools could be used together with Concept Nyx Spatial Input in a future desktop environment with keyboard and mouse, possibly also with 3D display.

The development starting from the Concept Nyx ecosystem

From infrastructure to devices, Dell is in the game workplaces present e future and focuses on developing tools that will be needed to navigate these spaces. Today, that means bringing a new generation of UltraSharp conference monitors e webcam intelligent with motion-activated and presence-activated controls and develop technologies such as 5G, multicloud and edge that provide the advanced connectivity and infrastructure to enable organizations to shape their business models and workflows.

In the future, productivity tools will be connected and intelligent enough to move from one experience to another and from one activity to another, helping to break down the barriers between environments and redefining the terms of connected interaction.

New level for Concept Nyx for Dell Technologies: change the concept of controller and the way to play

The keyboard and the mouse have long been the main elements of PC games. Then came the console-like controllers: simple and couch-like in design, but they weren’t perfect in terms of control. He felt the need for one better controllerreimagined and designed for the needs of modern gamers.

So this is where the game controller Concept Nyx.

It is a concept, not a product. It’s a way to test technologies e define future experience roadmaps. The team is proud of how many features they have managed to add to this prototype. At first glance it might seem like a controller like many others, but by observing it you can discover it unique features.

Custom settings and content could be really handy: a smart fingerprint reader which in an instant enters Guild Wars 2, a button that, pointing the controller, trasmette in streaming on any device or screen. What else? Use your voice to connect.

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As for the immersive game, the team is experimenting with the haptic perception not self-adjusting variable resistance levers which can be tailored to the player’s preferences or to a specific game.

The “must haves” of PC games have also been integrated into the concept, namely i shift buttons for the front options, le innovative scroll wheels to facilitate navigation and rotation of weapons. Then there is one smart touchpad for instant access to customizable controls.