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Sabrent: presentata l’innovativa Docking Station DS-SD6P

With the new Sabrent Docking Station DS-SD6P the Steam Deck, USB-C devices such as iPads, tablets, phones and more connect quickly and easily

La Docking Station (here for more info) Sabrent USB Type-C 6-port with Power Delivery (DS-SD6P) is the latest from Sabrent. The solution to connect, charge and expand Steam Deck and other USB-C devices such as iPads, tablets, phones and more. Devices with DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP Alt) support can project to a secondary display at up to 4K/60Hz, for business or pleasure. The primary device can be charged up to 95W via PD3.0 with a USB Type-C port for power delivery. A second Type-C port is conveniently left free for connecting devices such as additional external storage.

Sabrent: presentata l'innovativa Docking Station DS-SD6P

Details of the new DS-SD6P Docking Station from Sabrent

Three additional USB Type-A ports, located on the sides of the dock, are ideal for adding devices such as keyboards, mice, USB audio devices, Ethernet adapters, and more. The back contains USB-C and HDMI ports, including a built-in USB-C cable for connecting your docked device. This dock was designed to be minimalist yet sturdy: it doesn’t clutter up your workspace or distract you and stays put. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices to make your life easier. The 6-Port USB Type-C Docking Station with Power Delivery (DS-SD6P) from Sabrent is an affordable and easy-to-use all-in-one docking solution for your Steam Deck and other USB-C devices. You can output 4K with the HDMI port and add accessories with multiple USB ports, all while charging your primary device.


Contains 3 USB Type-A ports and 2 USB Type-C ports for power supply (PD3.0) and additional devices. One Type-C port is used for power input for charging, while the other is free for devices such as extra external storage. Type-A ports let you add keyboards, mice, and more. A single HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 1.4 support lets you output up to 4K/60Hz to a secondary display. Game on the big screen or simply get more room to work with your Deck and other devices thanks to DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP Alt) support. This docking station has a minimalist design, which doesn’t get in the way and goes with everything. The sturdy, non-slip base ensures it stays in place. It matches the Deck without the high cost and fits other USB-C devices like iPads, tablets, phones and more.

Sabrent: presentata l'innovativa Docking Station DS-SD6P

Compatibility of Sabrent’s new DS-SD6P Docking Station

Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Works with Steam Deck and a number of other devices. It is recommended that you register your product on after purchase. you can contact technical support for any questions or concerns.

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