The latest PocketBook is called InkPad X Pro

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New pocketbook, ereader and digital notebook Inkpad X PRO, a single device for reading and writing

With its completely new display and equipped with SMARTLIGHT, InkPad X pro offers an extremely comfortable reading experience. The size of the display makes it the ideal reader for books, epapers, scientific publications, even comics and sheet music.

The latest PocketBook is called InkPad X Pro

Here comes the digital book to underline!

The latest news PocketBook is called InkPad X Pro: the ereader with which the world’s 4th manufacturer of electronic readers enters the digital notebook sector.
A hybrid device that combines the convenience of reading on a large 10.3” E Ink Mobius display the ability to write on the page, just as you would on paper, with the included Wacom digital pen.
The notes are saved in Pdf or Png format and can be transferred to computers or other devices via the cloud.

Based on the Android operating system, the Swiss company’s ereader can use all writing apps to become, to all intents and purposes, a digital notebook on which to take notes or fix an idea.
The 32GB internal memory ensures the space needed to hold books and create a practically infinite series of thematic notebooks to always carry with you.
A single device (18 formats supported) for demanding readers but also students and workers.

With its 10.3” (1404×1872 resolution and 227 PPI) it anti-glare screen of the InkPad X Pro allows you to view text better than other devices not only for the size but above all for the quality of technologydesigned to not strain the eyes in any reading condition, also thanks to the SMARTlight function with adaptive front lighting.

Basically users can choose the degree of brightness of the page but also the more or less warm or cold tonality, so as to personalize the reading according to the light conditions as much as possible. Options capable of convincing even the most paper-bound readers.

PocketBook InkPad X Pro has a Quad Core processor with 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth for listening to audio books and audio files in MP3 and WAV formats by connecting wireless headphones or speakers. The charging port is USB C type.

The protective case, supplied together with the Wacom stylus, once closed puts the player in stand-by.

InkPad X Pro will be available from October at a price of 420 euro.

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