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How to choose the robot vacuum cleaner if you have pets at home

There are so many people who choose to adopt a pet every day. Companions of which it is practically impossible to do without

However, choosing to share your life with one or more pets means being willing to do so too some sacrifice. For example, travel less, go out often for walks (in the case of dogs), allocate part of one’s salary to their needs and part of one’s time to play with them.

Not only that, those who choose to let their dog or cat live at home must take into consideration that the time dedicated to house cleaning inevitably increases. Buy a robot vacuum cleaner in this case it can be of great help because it allows you to always keep the floor clean without having to personally take care of removing the hair.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner if you have cats and dogs at home

On bestrobot.it there is the complete list of the best robot vacuum cleaners, including those designed specifically for those who have to remove dog and cat hair from the floor with a certain frequency. In today’s guide, however, we want to talk about what are the elements that make a robot vacuum cleaner suitable for hair removal.

Drawer that empties automatically

Pet hair when vacuumed by the robot end up in the dirt bin inside the appliance. Especially during coat changes or if you have several pets at home, the drawer fills up very quickly.

Precisely to avoid having to empty it manually every time it is full, the best robot vacuum cleaners for those who have pets at home are those with the automatic emptying of the drawer.

When the tank is full, the self-emptying vacuum cleaner returns to the charging base by itself and throws everything into an extra tank. Then he can continue cleaning the floor undisturbed.

Beware of brushes

The common mistake people make is to buy a common robot vacuum cleaner and then use it for brush off pet hair.

When buying a vacuum cleaner for this purpose it is good to be aware from the outset that you need suitable brushes. In fact, they are the ones who come into direct contact with the floor and the dirt.

You have to choose brushes capable of working even when there are hairs in large quantities. In fact, this aspect is important especially if you have many animals at home, perhaps with long hair.

Long hairs can cause the brushes to jam and thus cause a malfunction. The robot vacuum cleaners designed specifically for those who have pets have a special filter to remove all organic residues quickly.

Then the brushes must be more robust and resistantin this way they work more efficiently.

Suction power

Animals walk for several hours a day, that is, all the time when they are not sleeping. With each of their movements, they deposit hair on the floor and this can lead to rather large volumes of dirt.

A good suction power of the robot allows you to carry out a much deeper and more complete cleaning. Almost all models today allow you to adjust it by choosing between three or more intensities. The best ones reach over 5000 PA, therefore preforming especially when there are lots of hairs on the floor.

Special filters

The filters installed in robot vacuum cleaners designed for pets are much more powerful. Care must be taken that HEPA filters have been installed.

It is the HEPA filters that ensure that not only hair but also dirt particles and dust are removed. They manage to block about 99.9% inside them thanks to the overlapping of thin layers of microfiber.

Floor scrubbing

This function is actually not necessary, but for many it can represent an added value. In addition to removing hair from the floor, the vacuum cleaner also washes and sanitizes it.

The robot therefore has a second tank where it contains clean water and has cloths that are applied to the lower part.

A good alternative is to buy two separate robots, one for vacuuming and one for washing the floor at home. In fact, they tend to be more powerful and performing than hybrids.

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