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The League of Legends Arcane review: exactly what we’ve been waiting for

The first three episodes of Arcane, the Serie Netflix dedicated to League of Legends, they are finally among us and as great fans of the Lord of the gods MOBA, we couldn’t not talk about it in this review.

After 12 years of his arrival, the world phenomenon League of Legends does not show signs of stopping as well as the growth of its Community. It is therefore not surprising if Riot Games decided to create a TV series that chronicles the vast, bizarre and magical world of Runeterra. In the scenario of LoL, which now has more than 130 champions, the series focuses mainly on the sisters We e Jinx. So let’s find out what Arcane has to offer us in these first episodes.

Our League of Legends Arcane review

The first season of Arcane focuses on the city of Zaun and of Piltover, built on top of the decaying Zaun. The two cities are interconnected but profoundly separated by a strong social divide that drags the inhabitants of Zaun ever deeper (even literally) struck by social exclusion and poverty. The Piltover is instead a lively city, rich and in constant ferment given by the science and technological discoveries that have made this place great. But even in the golden city there is no shortage of problems and scientists’ thirst for knowledge and discovery can lead to catastrophic revelations.

The protagonists, so to speak, of the TV series are Jinx e Vi. The sisters inhabit the slums of Zaun along with a group of orphans led by Vander, the father figure of the four young men who, in some way, maintains order in Zaun. Vi, Jinx and their friends try to survive the hard life that the unjust social ladder has reserved for them by engaging in theft and other misdeeds. One of these will take them to the home of a Piltover scholar, Jayce, who is working on something extremely dangerous.

Although in the upper part of the city life flows more peacefully and comfortably, serenity is far from assured. The desire for knowledge of its inhabitants, in fact, is about to bring chaos and disorder to the city of science that is about to be inundated by the power of magic; useful and beautiful but also destructive if used by the wrong hands. Start for We, Jinx, Jayce, Viktor and the other inhabitants of Piltover and Zaun a series of events that will bring chaos to the city but also opportunities for growth and discovery.

Piltover VS Zaun

  League of Legends Arcane recensione

Continuing to tell you the plot doesn’t make much sense, not to mention that the bulk of the series has yet to be published, but just know that Arcane, as per the title of this article, it really was what we were waiting for. As League of Legends players from day one, we’ve always wanted to find out more about the world of Runeterra. One, tens, thousands of stories divided among its fascinating regions that are very often ignored by the majority of the community. Understandable, on the other hand plot of League of Legends does not affect the gameplay in the slightest, but still a shame to miss the incredible stories that inhabit this magical world. Arcane is here for this, to give us a whole new taste of League and its characters, telling us the background, the origins, the developments and it does it in a way that is nothing short of spectacular.

Starting from animations treated in detail by the French team Fortiche Production who has collaborated several times in the famous cinematic of League of Legends. Fluid animations, very detailed, always at the top characterized by a dark and serious style, demonstrating that the target audience of this series is more adult than what the game is dedicated to. The topics covered are also adult: magic, action and fantastic themes yes, but also the struggle for power, social injustices, interpersonal relationships, the thirst for knowledge and its dangers and much more. All this is Arcane, a window to the world of Runeterra that we can’t wait to open in the company of our favorite champions.

The prospects for the future of Arcane

  League of Legends Arcane recensione

What excited us most about Arcane’s ambitious project is the future that awaits us. Regardless of the new episodes (3 arriving on November 13th and the other 3 finals arriving on November 20th), Arcande has more than rosy prospects considering the large number of characters and settings to tell. That the next seasons will have the opportunity to reveal the mysteries of Shadows Islands? or it will be the turn of the decay Shurima show yourself to the public? At the very thought we can not help but tremble with emotion. In the meantime, we look forward to finding out more about Jinx and Vi.

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