The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. up for auction: mind-boggling offers

The Legend of Zelda e Super Mario Bros. all'asta: offerte da capogiro thumbnail

Auction house Goldin Auctions has just put two very rare NES games up for sale. The auction in question revolves around a The Legend of Zelda dating back to 1986 and a Super Mario Bros. from 1985, both very popular specimens of retro gaming products strongly desired by collectors from all over the world. It is therefore no coincidence that the offers for these two titles are already very high and, probably, destined to increase further.

The Legend of Zelda e Super Mario Bros. all’asta

The first among Goldin Auctions offerings is the Nintendo title The Legend of Zelda del 1986, backed by a WATA 9.0 / A rating. This cartridge has a “REV-A” label, which indicates that it is a three screw specimen complete with a “Seal of Quality”.

These elements suggest that it was produced between January 1988 and March 1989. The game still has the original price sticker and has already reached $ 60.000 with 15 days left to place your bid.

The second lot is even rarer, given that we are dealing with a first production copy of the 1985 title Super Mario Bros. with a WATA 9.2 / A rating. To further embellish this little treasure we find a “NES-GP” code, a “NO NES TM” label, “No REV-A” and a Nintendo “Seal of Quality”.

The current bid for this game is $ 400.000, but we remind you that a similar copy was recently sold for 2 million dollars.

“The level of enthusiasm for collectible video games is absolutely exploding,” he said Jared Mast, Director of Goldin Video Game Consignment – We’ve received some spectacular shipments for our next auction, such as the first production The Legend of Zelda that games fans would absolutely love to get their hands on. The future is bright for the collectible game category in general and also for all those players out there looking to sell some of their precious titles or build their collection! “

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