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The Legend of Zelda live-action movie announced

Official rumors confirm that Nintendo and Sony will jointly produce a live-action film based on the video games from The Legend of Zelda saga

The Japanese video game company Nintendo has announced that it is working together with Sony on a live-action film (therefore not animated, but starring actors) based on The Legend of Zelda, one of the most popular and famous video game sagas of all time. Not much is known about the film yet, except that it will be directed by Wes Ball (known to fans of the dystopian film trilogy Maze Runner and expected for the next film in the Planet of the Apes saga) and produced by Shigeru Miyamotocreator of Zelda but also of the video games in the series Super Mario and Donkey Kong. The other producer will be Avi Aradwho has worked on various successful films in recent years including Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Into the Spider-Verse, No Way Home, Far From Home e Homecoming.

The Legend of Zelda live-action movie announced

The Legend of Zelda: a live-action film produced by Sony and Nintendo is coming

In a tweet published by Nintendo’s official profile, Miyamoto said that he has been working on the film for many years now, but did not add any other details on the plot. The video game saga The Legend of Zelda, started in 1986 with the game of the same name for Nintendo Entertainment Systemis one of the most acclaimed and well-known in the world, and has a large number of titles, almost all of which are considered masterpieces of their genre by critics.

Set in a fantasy universe called Hyrule, the episodes of the series are usually disconnected from each other and set in different historical eras, but share several elements, such as some populations, characters or legends. The player plays a hero called Link, who usually has to help Princess Zelda defeat the threat posed by Ganon, the recurring antagonist who would destroy the world to shape his own. It is not yet known who the actors who will play Link, Zelda and Ganon will be, nor whether in the script Link will be made to speak or whether he will remain silent, as has always been in video games.

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