The Legend of Zelda: the return to Game & Watch

Raise your hand if you have never played any The Legend of Zelda in 8 bit, well, now you can do it again thanks to the Game & Watch version coming in November

As already announced during the last E3 2021, some of the historical chapters that make up the saga di The Legend of Zelda, are about to return to the hands of gamers in the form of Game & Watch the 12 november. A “move” that was already sensed with the version of the same for Super Mario Bros., but let’s start from the beginning.

Game & Watch: after Mario it’s Zelda’s turn!

L’pocket-sized gaming experience that offers the Game & Watch therefore renews its formula with some really interesting chapters for the The Legend of Zelda a few years ago. In addition to his first historic adventure released for the NES, the second is also added to the package The Adventure of Link (also for NES) and also that curious Link’s Awakening that came out for the legendary Game Boy.

In addition to these, inside this little gem that screams retrogaming everywhere and anyway, there will also be a playable Link watch and even a small historical mini game with the title Vermin. That’s right, the very one from which one of the characters of Super Smash Bros was taken!

At this point the maximum of videogame enjoyment it would be to find a version to carry in your pocket that also contains the exceptional A Link to the Past for SNES (included in the stock of its mini version) or a hypothetical Nintendo 64 mini with inside pillars such as Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask. In the meantime, stick to the calendar on November 12th.

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