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The legendary Guitar Hero player is an imposter

Since the dawn of competitive play, there have been players willing to cheat to be among the best. The competitive player of Guitar Hero e Clone Hero, Schmooey, is the latest of these examples, as fans of the series recently exhibited his most impressive feats such as fraudulent.

Schmooey, the famous Guitar Hero player, is an imposter

The player had spent the last few years sharing incredible videos of his accomplishments, establishing new ones record and earning thousands of dollars in sizes that had been established for certain songs. In a video analyzing Schmooey’s story in the game, the Speedrunning / YouTuber commentator Karl Jobst reveals in detail how Schmooey managed to fool players for so long. Above you can find the video in question.

Activision Blizzard’s Guitar Hero franchise was inactive for some time but the series still maintains a passionate competitive scene. Schmooey has been a part of that scene for a long time, even participating to live events.

As Kotaku points out, it is clearly a very talented player and it is precisely for this reason that fans have taken longer than expected to unmask his videos. Things started to shake up in December 2021, when Schmooey posted a video di 9 Patterns of Eternal Pain.

In this video, the YouTuber didn’t miss a single note, almost setting a world first. It wasn’t Schmooey’s first time it attracted the suspicions of the community. However the video included segments where it was evident that her finger patterns did not match what was happening on the screen. Once Guitar Hero fans discovered this, they decided to take a closer look at the other videos posted by Schmooey.

Schmooey had initially dismissed the allegations. However, when the evidence began to accumulate, it revealed that many of his videos had been faked, using a variety of different methods. He has since removed all his Guitar Hero videos, returned the money received in bounties and posted a new video, apologizing for his actions.

Schmooey admits in the video that he wasn’t “completely sober when it all happened.” The situation is obviously disappointing for everyone involved. Hopefully, now that Schmooey has opened up about events, he can get the help he might need and that others learn from his mistakes.

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