Ghostwire Tokyo news

Ghostwire Tokyo: news and release date confirmed, that’s when it arrives

During yesterday evening we got to take a look at a trailer for gameplay extended of Ghostwire Tokyo, a title that was the subject of a showcase entirely dedicated to him, which revealed an avalanche of news. The presentation showed us different aspects of the production, which is set up as first-person action with horror atmospheres. Let’s take a look at all the new information that emerged during the evening.

Ghostwire Tokyo: all the news

The generous video of gameplay which was shown on the occasion of the showcase showed us in detail a part of the playful offer of the title, throwing us in the middle of the streets of Tokyo infested with demons and other assorted monstrosities. What immediately catches the eye is the artistic direction of the title, which from this video seems particularly inspired and fit.

According to what is shown, it will be possible to charge head down in battle, or opt for a remote approach, and there will be no lack of stealth dynamics. As for the progression of the main character that we will find ourselves controlling, we will have one available skill tree rather classic, which will be enriched as we advance in the adventure.

The developers then confirmed that the title will be more similar to a action adventure rather than a survival horror, an element which is already quite clear from the game images shown, which show a frenetic combat system based on great adrenaline rushes; an element that we do not mind, given how pleasing this spooky version of Tokyo looks.

The release date

During the final part of this gameplay showcase dedicated to Ghostwire Tokyo, the developers also took advantage of it to reveal the official release date of the game and some interesting details about the deluxe edition. Specifically, those who decide to buy this version of the game will receive some in-game bonuses as soon as they are available.

Ghostwire Tokyo news

Let’s talk specifically about three specific contents:

  • shinobi costume
  • Arma Kunai
  • Streetwear Fashion Pack

As if that were not enough, together with the deluxe edition, early access to the game will also be guaranteed for three days with respect to the release date, currently set at 25 march. A launch window therefore rather imminent, which we are sure will make the happiness of all those who have been anxiously waiting for this project.

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