Mark Zuckerberg (in alta definizione) risponde ai meme sul metaverso thumbnail

The legs of the Meta avatars come true

The legs of the Meta avatars become reality thumbnail

Just a few weeks ago we told you how the VR legs of Meta avatars they were nothing more than an illusion. Now, however, something seems to have changed. In the toy section of a Florida Walmart a few days ago, they popped up a pair of toy legs perfect for Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar. A fun creation by Legboota 33-year-old engineer who had already made a name for himself for his action figure projects.

Meta’s VR legs become a toy reality with Legboot

After seeing that Mark Zuckerberg was being attacked on the Net for defining the VR legs of the Meta avatar “probably the most requested feature on our roadmap”, but without them being really usable by users, Legboot decided to turn them into reality. . In a short time, the engineer bought an inexpensive action figure on the Alibaba website, “cut off his legs” and colored them a distinctive Meta blue. The packaging, in fact, clearly states that the legs are the first of a series of products of the “Most requested metaverse functionality”.

The interesting novelty of these legs is that “they can sit on a chair”, “they can sit at the desk”, “they can do squats” and even “can-can”. In short, everything that Meta’s VR legs cannot do. “Sometimes I try to… make things look like it’s a bootleg made in China and mistranslated,” reports Legboot of its product packaging. On the other hand, the engineer doesn’t seem to be a fan of the metaverse at all. “Someone gave me a headset [VR] really cheap where you can put your smartphone. I played it for a day ”, he commented. After all, her legs aren’t even meant for the metaverse. They are just a parody of something Zuckerberg failed to do.

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