The Little Mermaid: the trailer shown at the night of the Oscars

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Finally The Little Mermaid has a trailer. Let’s find out this preview together, shown for the first time on the stage of the Oscars

The magical night of the Oscars has come to an end, between losers and winners, the evening of the much coveted statuettes was an opportunity to show a brand new trailer, which young and old have been waiting for for a long time. It is about The little Mermaid, the live action Disney that had already made a lot of talk about itself since its announcement. The trailer was launched by the actresses themselves during the award ceremony. Halle Bailey e Melissa McCarthyrespectively Ariel and the evil Ursula, have in fact taken the stage, just to present the long-awaited video.

The Trailer | The Little Mermaid: the trailer shown at the night of the Oscars

Now we can say it with confidence: The Little Mermaid, the new Disney live action, finally has a trailer. Information about the characters, environments and plot (although the original is known to many) have remained shrouded in mystery to this day. Only the last short clip had gone too far to show viewers something more about the fantastic marine world in which the story is set. With the new trailer, we finally get a more detailed view. In fact, in the video, in addition to Ariel who has already appeared in previous advances, we can finally see characters who had been hidden for a long time. I am an example of this King Triton, Sebastian e Scuttle.

Now we can get a taste of some of the most famous scenes of this great classic. Scenes in which, alongside Ariel, we finally find the principe Eric. In fact, the clip focuses on the boy’s shipwreck and on the moment in which the siren runs to save him, touching the mainland with his hand for the first time. But not only that, we can finally get to know King Tritonher father, intent on reminding his daughter how dangerous the world on the surface is and discovering what the mermaid’s friends look like: Sebastian, Flounder e Scuttle. One of the most anticipated parts remains however the meeting between Ariel and Ursula, which we can now see, at least in part. Here is the new trailer:

The cast | The Little Mermaid: the trailer shown at the night of the Oscars

In addition to Halle Bailey e Melissa McCarthyinterpreters respectively of Ariel and Ursula, announcers of the new trailer on the stage of the Oscars, the cast includes Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric e Javier Bardem in those of King Triton. Ariel’s six sisters will be played by Simone Ashley (famous for having taken part in the TV series Bridgerton), Nathalie Sorrell, Sienna King, Lorena Andrea, Kajsa Mohammar e Karolina Conchet. The faithful butler Grimsby will have the face of Art MalikWhile Jessica Alexander will be Vanessa, Ursula’s alter-ego on the mainland. In addition to the characters already present in the animated classic, it was decided to include a new character in the live action. It is Queen Selina, mother of Prince Eric, played by Or Kudos to you.

The Little Mermaid: the trailer shown at the night of the Oscars

The Little Mermaid, a remake of the beloved 1989 Disney classic, itself inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersensee the director Rob Marshall, while the script is by Jane Goldman e David Magee. As in the previous film dedicated to the mermaid, also in this new production the soundtrack is directed by Alan Menken, which will enrich the new film with four new songs, which will be added to the existing ones. At his side Howard Ashman e lin manuel miranda.

Appointment in May

The release of the film in Italian theaters is scheduled for 24 maggio 2023, even before the one fixed in the United States, i.e. May 26th. Fortunately, we still have a few months left before we can finally witness this adaptation, announced seven years ago, when the first rumors about its creation began to circulate. While waiting for its release, keep following You knowto stay informed about any new trailers and for other news dedicated to this long-awaited live action.

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