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The lying life of adults: the first images of the Netflix series

The first images of The lying life of adults arrive, a new Netflix series based on the novel by Elena Ferrante

After the great success of The brilliant friend, the mysterious Elena Ferrante is about to return with a new series based on her works. This time it is up to “The lying life of adults” to be the subject of a serial reworking, signed by Netflix which, after more than two years of waiting, finally shows the first images of the series. On its social channels, the streaming platform has in fact released a trailer card, anticipating the release of the complete card by 24 hours, aimed at introducing for the first time the series whose debut is scheduled for January 4th. Images that only increase the expectation for a production loudly requested by Ferrante fans.

The lying life of adults: plot and cast

The series, as mentioned, is inspired by the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante and tells the story of Giovannaparticularly of his transition from childhood to adolescence in one Napoli ambivalent, divided between the lower and upper parts, between which Giovanna divides herself and tries to adapt by applying the required mask from time to time. The lying life of adults is a powerful reflection on the world seen by those who, putting their childhood behind them, look for that candor now passed in the difficult age of adolescence.

The protagonist, Giovanna Trada, is played by Giordana Marengo, ready for her first major role in the Netflix series. Alongside her, Valeria Golino, the face of very famous films such as Human Capital, The Invisible Boy and Calm Chaos, and Alessandro Preziosi, another great name in Italian cinema. The cast is completed by Pina Turco, who we have already seen in Gomorra, Rossella Gamba, Azzurra Mennella and Susy Del Giudice.

Netflix gives us, therefore, a first look at The lying life of adults, a series that will make its debut on January 4 with the release of the 6 episodes that compose it. In the meantime, we can see the clip spread by the streaming platform:

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