Il chip M1 Max è tre volte più veloce di Apple M1 thumbnail

The M1 Max chip is three times faster than the Apple M1

The M1 Max chip is three times faster than the Apple M1 thumbnail

Apple Silicon M1 revolutionized the laptop world last year. But this year’s announcements bring interesting features especially for professionals, with the return of some ports, the arrival of schermi HDR. And especially with the new ones chip M1 Pro e M1 Max, with the latter having demonstrated performance up to three times better of M1 in the first benchmarks and tests.

M1 Max performs up to three times better than M1

The performance of Apple’s new chip, in its version from 64GB of unified RAM. its Geekbench 5, the result obtained is 68870. Over three times better than the 20581 of Silicon M1 presented last year. And given the excellent results achieved in graphics production with the MacBook Pro 13, these new chips promise to become a benchmark for professionals. The MacBook Pro 16 could allow creatives to edit ultra-high definition videos without slowing down their workflow. Something they expected from these new chips that Apple seems to have kept.

apple silicon m1 max-min

Unfortunately, the benchmark does not report whether the tests were carried out on the 24 or 32 core version of the GPU. At the presentation, Apple promised up to 4x faster speeds for the new chip, so it may be that this tested new chip is the less powerful 24-core version. Which also seems to be able to achieve enormous results without too much effort.

In a previous test leaked online, the M1 Max proved to be up to the twice as fast as M1 in multi performancecore. So it seems that on the whole computational profile these laptops have come to deliver performance much closer to the desktops than the laptops that Apple unveiled last year.

These are the first results. But soon we will be able to see the first reviews and also get our hands on these laptops, which promise to amaze again. We will keep you posted.

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