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tesla records sales despite the lack of semiconductors

Tesla has established a new sales record in the third quarter of 2021despite the proven lack of semiconductors that has hit the industry. And with this new milestone, despite the fierce competition, the company led by Elon Musk continues to be a point of reference in the world of electric cars.

However, the American giant did not have an easy time getting to where it is now. Before the arrival of the Model 3, Tesla had serious problems finding the way to profitability that would allow it to achieve minimal and stable self-sufficiency, and the problems it faced to carry on the production of these cars were not trivial.

Tesla, the sales record starts from the launch of the Model 3

But with the launch of the Model 3, Tesla has finally found the right path and from there its results entered a very positive dynamic which, in fact, was not only maintained, but strengthened quarter after quarter. According to the latest data shared by the company, in the third quarter of 2021 Tesla produced a total of 238,000 vehicles and their sales amounted to 241,300 units, data that confirm that the American house is constantly growing.

Tesla model 3

To better contextualize these data, just remember that, in 2020, Tesla supplied a total of 500,000 cars. With that figure on the table, we can clarify that, in just one quarter, Tesla was able to ship nearly half of the cars the company sold in all of 2020. An almost incredible result, given that, as is well known, cars have a very marked technological side, and consequently a total dependence on semiconductors, a sector that is not really going through its best moment.

Tesla hasn’t released its latest financial results yet, so we’ll have to wait. However, considering the sales we have indicated above, it makes sense to think that these results must be very positive. It should be remembered that Tesla regards a car as “supplied” only if it was actually sold to the customer, that is, when all the documentation necessary for this operation has been verified and corrected. From this, the numbers listed above have even more value as it comes to sales totally real.

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