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The Mandalorian 3: revealed the duration of the final episode

The duration of the final episode of The Mandalorian 3, the last chapter of the season available on Disney +, has been announced. Between fan disappointment and the long-awaited grand finale; let’s find out together all the details revealed so far

The Mandalorian 3 approaches the conclusion, and with it decreases the anticipation for the must-see final episode. Just a few hours later, the total duration of the grand final chapter was exclusively revealed: a total length of 38 minutes and 56 seconds.

Hot announcement that sparked the disappointment of many loyal fans, who hoped for a much longer final epilogue. However; since Disney + has incorporated the world into the small screen Marvel is that of Star Warswe have witnessed meticulous care and attention to the duration of the individual episodes.

The Mandalorian 3: the season finale and other hidden details

After hearing the news about the length of The Mandalorian season 3 finale; another question had arisen among fans of the series, that is, if there was one post-credit scene between the credits; curiosity immediately silenced. A disappointing response for fans of the show, now waiting for some small taste or preview hidden on the next season (production already officially announced) or products related to the world of Star Wars.

Further details on the final episode of the series have not been revealed at the moment. According to external sources, the Disney e Lucasfilm they are doing everything possible to avoid possible spoilers or unwanted advances, for those who have not yet seen the final epilogue. All episodes complete are available to stream on Disney+ platform.

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