The Mandalorian: Black Series (Beskar) action figure is out!

The Mandalorian: l’action figure Black Series (Beskar) è disponibile!

Din Djarin (The Mandalorian) action figure in Beskar armor, from the Star Wars Black Series collection, is available again. Let’s see where to buy it

After the last season of The Mandalorian, the series that follows the adventures of bounty hunter Din Djarin and little Grogu (The Child / baby Yoda) has continued to enjoy resounding success. There are plenty of gadgets regarding the two protagonists and, although they continue to come out in all colors, it is difficult to find quality action figures at an affordable price.

This is where the Hasbro collection dedicated to the world of Star Wars comes to the rescue. This collection is famous for offering action figures from the universe in which the Star Wars are set, with good quality in the details and a more than affordable cost. The Black Series action figure by The Mandalorian in his armor in Beskarhowever, it had long since been exhausted both here in Italy and in the rest of the world. It turned out, why in the last few hours it appeared like a bolt from the blue in an Italian store. So let’s see where to buy it!

The Mandalorian: Black Series (Beskar) action figure is out!

The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) figure belonging to the Black Series collection is approx 15cm. Equipped with numerous points of articulation, additional accessories (shotgun, pistol and jetpack) and his armor of silver color like pure Beskar, this is for sure one of Hasbro’s best Star Wars themed products.

Until now this action figure was only available for purchase by some touts at crazy prices, however it is finally available in the well-known EMP store at a price of € 34.99. To buy it, you can click here! We also recommend that you take a look at the little Grogu or Moff Gideon figures, so that you can create fantastic poses, just like in the TV series!

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