Libri da leggere a marzo 2021

Books to read in March 2021 | Reading tips

Books to read in March 2021. Here are the two books and comics recommended for March by the editors of the bookshop section.

Welcome March, and with you welcome these pleasant sunny days! These days, in fact, the temperatures are slightly rising and the mimosa has already largely bloomed, making lovers of its perfume happy and those who suffer from allergies a little less happy.

March is a busy period for many: university classes start again, high school starts the final race to not take any debt and deadlines increase at work, but as always we must not forget to take a break, especially in a similar period. And what better idea for a break than a good book? Here are ours reading tips for March 2021!

Fahrenheit 451 | Books to read in March 2021

1953 novel by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 it is undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of science fiction literature. In this book, an almost dystonic scenario is in fact mixed with a strong moral, linked to a sense of strong rebellion: the protagonist of this book in fact disobeys the orders given to him, and this in order to know and understand.

The book tells the story of Guy Montag, firefighter in a very particular society: in this world, firefighters do not put out fires, but set fire to the homes of dissidents; Their fault? Having hidden books in the house. And it will be precisely these objects that will intrigue the protagonist: why burn the books, why are they considered so dangerous?

Fahrenheit 451 is a compelling read that will make you think a lot; we absolutely recommend giving it a chance.

The unbearable lightness of being | Books to read in March 2021

Between January 5 and August 20, 1968 there was one of the most significant historical events of the Soviet bloc period: the Prague spring. It was also produced thanks to the secretariat of Alexander Dubček in the Communist Party, which – without ever questioning the solidity of ideology – hoped for a socialism with a human face. This historical preamble is not given by chance: it is precisely during the Prague Spring that Milan Kundera sets The Unbearable Lightness of Being, perhaps his most famous novel.

In this book we see the stories of four protagonists intertwine: Thomas, a surgeon who loses his job due to an article on Oedipus; his partner Theresa, a photographer; the painter Sabina and her lover Franz, a university professor. Together, the four form the quartet that Kundera will follow during their lifetime, starting from childhood to then arrive at the day when the Soviet tanks entered Prague.

The unbearable lightness of being is a small poem, a pearl to be read in one go (also thanks to its very short chapters) and to be recovered several times over time.

Akumetsu | Books to read in March 2021

Troubled times for politics, in Italy as well as in the whole world. It might be a good time to catch up on the most famous work of Yoshiaki Tabata e Yuki Yogo: Akumetsu.

Contemporary work and, in some ways, similar to the very famous Death Note, Akumetsu is an anti-hero who has decided to eradicate corruption in his country. His modus operandi will, however, be extremely violent; in fact, while remaining a shonen, the work is very graphic and brutal, to the point that the Italian edition of J-Pop has been censored. Akumetsu is a masked character, who does not hesitate to hit Japanese bankers and politicians, involving them in deadly games. Its goal is make scorched earth, so that a new, purified country can be born from it. Behind the mask is a young boy, animated by that desire for change common to many of us.

Although the context is the Japanese one, a political system that we will discover to have big differences with ours, Akumetsu speaks a universal language. As in the case of Death Note, the protagonist will be opposed by opponents able to balance the moral compass of the work.
Beyond the political content, this manga is full of action, mystery and twists, as well as drawn with a very high quality. It manages to capture the reader from the very first pages.

Enjoy the reading!

We hope you enjoyed our literary tips, see you in April with some new reading tips! And if you missed it, here’s the February special.