The Mandalorian: ecco l’action figure di Boba Fett by Hot Toys

The Mandalorian: ecco l’action figure di Boba Fett by Hot Toys

From Hot Toys comes the new action figure of Boba Fett, the bounty hunter, as we see him in the TV series Star Wars: The Mandalorian

The article will contain spoilers about the second season of The Mandalorian

The most famous bounty hunter in the universe (from Star Wars) is coming in an action figure version. After the success received from the last season of the TV series “The Mandalorian”, in which Boba Fett returns, Hot Toys is pleased to announce two versions of the character in 1/6 scale.

While the regular version will represent Boba Fett wearing his malridotta armature, as we see it in chapter 14 of the series, the version “Deluxe”Will allow the bounty hunter to remove the armor, including the helmet!

The Mandalorian: ecco l’action figure di Boba Fett by Hot Toys

Star Wars fans were delighted to witness the return of Boba Fett, one of the most feared characters in the Star Wars galaxy! Thinking he met his death in Sarlacc’s terrifying pit on Tatooine, Boba Fett counterattacked. In exchange for his armor ceded by the Mandalorian, Boba Fett ensured the child’s safety and proved to be a formidable ally in rescuing the mysterious alien foundling along with Din Djarin.

Now Hot Toys is excited to expand The Mandalorian Collectible Series and proudly presents the brand new 1/6 scale Boba Fett Collector’s Set (Deluxe Version) with the look of the formidable bounty hunter in black suit and his iconic armor. !

Boba Fett character (with armor) features meticulously crafted Mandalorian helmet and armor with a worn effect, his iconic jetpack with a detachable rocket and flame effect, including weapon effects, a blaster, a projection effect accessory and a diorama!

The Deluxe version depicts the appearance of Boba Fett before the recovery of his armor and highlights include a newly designed sculpted head with a stunning resemblance to the original, a bespoke black suit, a Gaderffii staff, a shotgun, damaged helmet and a uniquely styled rock diorama.

The Mandalorian Boba Fett (Deluxe Version) collectible figure will be a legendary upgrade to any Star Wars collection!

The difference between the two figures lies in the fact that, in case you take the Deluxe version, you will be the one to choose whether to expose Boba Fett in the “nomadic” version or that of an improvised fighter!

Prices and availability

The figure at a scale of 1/6 of Standard version Boba Fett will be priced at $ 285.00. The Deluxe version, will instead have a price of $490,00. The release is expected between second and third quarters of 2022. Boba Fett by Hot Toys can already be pre-ordered through numerous retailers, however it sold out really quickly in most e-commerce stores.

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