Books to read in February 2021 | Reading tips

Libri da leggere a febbraio 2021

Here are our monthly tips on books to read in February 2021. Let’s find out together the two books and the comic that the editors of the bookshop section have chosen for you this month

The first month of this new year has finally come to an end; we officially enter the month of February! Spring is no longer so far away but the commitments always remain to mark our daily plans: university session, work, family commitments … it would take a good book to be able to intersperse this frenzy with moments of pause.

Here then is our column on reading tips: let’s see together the books and comics selected for you for the month of February.

Othello | Books to read in February 2021

Classic of English literature and one of William Shakespeare’s most read works, Othello it is undoubtedly one of those literary pearls that a reading lover should not miss. The plot of this work tells of Othello, a Moor in the service of the Venetian Republic, and of Desdemona, the woman he loves and married in secret. Their history is turned upside down by the standard bearer Iago, which to dismiss the lieutenant Cassio (who leaves with Othello for Cyprus to fight against the Turks) plots a plan with the complicity of his wife, Emilia.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy | Books to read in February 2021

If you are a science fiction lover then you can’t miss reading Galattia guide for hitchhikers, novel by Douglas Adams and first volume of the homonymous series. This title is undoubtedly suitable for those who do not like ordinary books: with an ironic language and a pleasant narration, Douglas’s novel will be able to keep you glued to its pages, leaving you also a reflection after reading,

What would you do if a bulldozer tried to demolish your home to make room for a freeway? That’s what happens to Arthur Dent, the protagonist of the book; however, he will not have much time to worry about this, since even the earth risks being destroyed by the will of theGalactic Interspace Viability Agency, which wants to destroy the planet to improve the galactic viability. Arthut will be able to save himself thanks to his friend Ford Prefect, with which he will end up in an incredible adventure in galactic places that he had absolutely no knowledge of, having as his only help available the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Saga of Scrooge Scrooge | Books to read in February 2021

A new year has begun, in which, more than ever, it is necessary to be determined and give our all. The ideal reading in this situation is the legendary Saga of Paperon de ‘Scrooge, by the Italian-American author Don Rosa.
It is a cult title among duck fans, but not only. In fact, in this series of comics many of the typical taboos of the Dinseyan universe are broken: we talk about parents and other close relatives, about hardships, but, above all, about death. In fact, it is an enjoyable read for everyone. Don Rosa decides to collect and pay homage to the legacy of Carl Barks, the creator of the character of Scrooge. Through a twelve-volume series of adventures, he reconstructs the entire life of the richest duck in the world, leaving no one out among relatives, friends and enemies.

The story of Scrooge is that of a child born in poverty, which, journey after journey, trial after trial, failure after failure, arrives in the position we all know it today. For many, it is there celebration of the American self-made man; but Scrooge even before gold is looking for realization as a person, in the name ofhonesty. If not, it would be no different from Hearthstone, or the Dachshunds, and we see this clearly in the comic.
A story that teaches us not to give up and to keep trying, without ever losing ourselves in the process.

Enjoy the reading!

We hope that our choices have aroused your curiosity; see you next month with the March special! And if these titles weren’t enough for you, you can take a look at our special on the best books of 2020 chosen by the members of the library section.