The map of GTA 6 according to fans (and leaked footage)

GTA 6 sarà ambientato a Miami e il personaggio protagonista sarà una donna thumbnail

While Rockstar Games deals with the huge leak on GTA 6 this week with a wide copyright removal, fans are working to pool their resources and create something amazing. As reported by my boxsome fans are making the GTA 6 map taking advantage of the leaked footage.

Fans take advantage of the leaked footage to make the GTA 6 map

In fact, this project recalls the GTA V map created by the users of the GTA forumswho used i promotional films not screenshots of the game to try to get a first glimpse of The Saints. This time, the map is created from leaked footagewith fans they often indulge in circumvent Rockstar copyright restrictions.

As many of the leaked footage show the coordinates of the gamefans have created essential maps illustrating the position of each place in relation to the others. The process obviously proceeds slowly – much of the discussion on the GTA forum has focused on the most accurate way to map leaked content without including images which cannot be published in the community.

Other projects hosted outside the forums have in the works more complete mapsincluded mini-map segments taken from the leaked footage. A map published by Church of GTAwhich you can find above, includes some streets e speculative boundariesin addition to the more concrete details taken from the most recent rumors.

Until Rockstar releases more official material about the game – considering that there is still a few years left for the official release – the map-making efforts will not go. beyond basic speculations. From what fans have already discovered, it appears that GTA 6 will have a huge world to explorewith a map at least as large or larger of the Los Santos of GTA 5.

To stay up to date you can consult the Rockstar Games official site.