The Monster: a new Netflix TV series about the Monster of Florence

Napoli-Fiorentina: dove vedere la partita?

The Netflix TV series which will tell the real events linked to the Monster of Florence will be directed by Stefano Sollima. Here’s what we know

The world of cinema and serials knows well how successful series dedicated to serial killer. Dahmer is just one of many examples. Now, however, according to the latest news, even the sad Italian story linked to Monster of Florence will be transposed onto the screen. He will take care of it Stefano Sollima. Let’s find out all the previews.

The Monster: a new Netflix TV series about the Monster of Florence

Plot | The Monster: a new Netflix TV series about the Monster of Florence

It will be a miniseries in 4 episodes the one that will tell the terrible events of the serial killer, whose identity is still shrouded in mystery today. The crimes of the man (or men), against several couples secluded in cars or tents in the countryside around Florence, shocked Italy for years, starting from 1968 until 1985. According to initial reports, the official synopsis of the series reads:

Eight double murders. Seventeen years of terror. Always the same weapon. A 22 caliber Beretta. One of the longest and most complex Italian investigations into the first and most brutal serial killer in the country’s history: The Monster of Florence. A series based on true events, direct testimonies, procedural documents and journalistic investigations. All terribly true. Because we believe that telling the truth, and only that, is the only way to bring justice to the victims. In a story where there have been many possible monsters, over time and investigations, our story explores them, the possible monsters, from their point of view. Because the monster, in the end, could be anyone.

Cast and release date

The series, directed by Stefano Sollima and created by the latter in collaboration with Leonardo Fasoliis produced by The Apartment ed AlterEgo. At the moment the release date is still unknown, it will still take some time to discover it, given that filming is still underway. The names of the actors who will participate in the project are also unknown. We will therefore have to wait to discover new developments in this regard. For now we can only hypothesize the content of this new release, based on the synopsis, from which we can deduce the importance given to an element very dear to the public: the truth. While waiting for further updates, we invite you to follow to always stay up to date with all the news dedicated to your favorite films and TV series.

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