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The most visited websites in Italy | July 2022

What are the most visited websites in Italy? Let’s find out in this article which contains the ranking of the most visited web pages by the people of the Bel Paese

Once it was said: “Italians, people of poets, saints and navigators” while today one could easily say: “Italians, people of poets, saints and Internet users”, in fact the internet, or rather, its navigation, is always becoming more a habit for Italians. Before we had coffee at the bar and read the news in the paper newspapers while now the number of Italian readers who keep up to date by looking for the latest news on the internet from their mobile devices, tablets and smartphones, without forgetting PCs, notebooks, is increasing. and various laptops.

At this point the curiosity arises spontaneously, which are the most visited sites by the Italic people of Internet users? Read on below to find out.

The ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

So here’s the ranking of the sites that receive the most visits from Italians who have internet access available.

1) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

In the first place and it could not be otherwise, we find the most famous search engine in the world with its .com domain

2) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

In second place we find another Google product, namely the YouTube video sharing platform. More and more Italians want to be You Tuber when they grow up.

3) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

On the lowest step of the podium is the localized version of the Google portal in our language with the Italian dot it as domain.

4) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

The world colossus of online e-commerce remains just off the podium. Born as a book distributor, from an American garage, the company created by Jeff Bezzos is definitely making its way into every ranking

5) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

It is a little surprising to find this site in place in the ranking, however, this demonstrates the ever-growing interest of Italians in the world of information and analysis dedicated to the stock market in general and to the stock market.

6) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

The most famous, if not the first, online encyclopedia ranks sixth. More and more consulted and more and more a point of reference also for Italians, Wikipedia scores an excellent result

7) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

In seventh place we find the official portal of the Italian Post Office where all telematic services are made available, including the very famous Spid, the identification for the digital identity of every citizen.

8) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

The first Italian site dedicated to the world of information where there are large virtual spaces dedicated to information with national and local news and current affairs.

9) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

In ninth place we find another search engine, Yahoo, an acronym that indicates precisely Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle, enjoys wide appreciation by the Italian people of Internet users.

10) | Ranking of the most visited sites in Italy

The localized version of the most famous online auction portal on the web closes the ranking of the top ten most visited websites by Italians.

It does not end here!

The ranking obviously does not end here and there are many, many important web realities such as the information portals of Repubblica, Ansa and Gazzetta del Sud. Not far away, always in the top 50 positions, are also the adult sites of X-hamster and Escort Advisor to which are added the non-aams betting sites, another great passion of Italians.

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