Investimenti a raffica nel settore digitale. Blackstone entra nel gioco online

Flurry investments in the digital sector. Blackstone enters the online game

There is a continuous movement of investments, of buying and selling, of deeds in the large gambling market. A movement that has no intention of stopping and that, with life slowly returning to normal, has begun to become even more intense

According to WiseCasino reports, this is demonstrated by the latest negotiations and acquisitions, such as those of Blackstone which, after having got its hands on the Made in Australia chain of casinos, Crown Resorts, has now decided to invest heavily in Italy as well. The Park Avenue company, in fact, through its Spanish subsidiary Cirsa has taken over the full ownership of Eplat24 ITA Limited. But let’s try to understand more.

The great plots of the Blackstone Group

A purchase of great importance for the whole tricolor game market. Blackstone gets his hands on a great company and adds an important piece to its whole. The group, in fact, is among the largest financial giants in the world and stands out for an incredible series of alternative investments. Specialized in real estate investments and leveraged buyout and private equity transactions, the company also has relationships with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology world, providing funds for research and market launches. An example above all? That of the Pfizer-branded vaccine.

But returning to the business in the gaming market, that of Eplay 24 is configured as a hit from 90. We are talking about a state-of-the-art dealer, based in Sliema, Malta, but also licensed for the Italian market.

The other affairs of the gaming world

But things are moving almost everywhere. LBetsson, for example, a large company active in sports betting and online casinos, has signed a commercial agreement with Milan, the freshest champion of Italy, to be Official Regional Partner in Latin America. A global partnership that tries to unblock the all-Italian impasse of the Dignity Decree.

Or MGM Resorts, ready to get their hands on the LeoVegas package. The words of the CEO and president, Bill Hornbuckle, were clear in this sense: to grow globally and to establish itself in the digital gaming market, you need to make large investments. Just like in this case, in an acquisition that would see as the protagonist one of the best casinos in Italy as well as a famous brand at a community level.

The gambling market has restarted. And it has a lot of news still in store.