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The most watched TV series on Netflix, HBO and Disney+ in 2024

What are the most watched TV series on Netflix, HBO and Disney+ in 2024 to date? Let's find out together in this dedicated article

The competition between streaming services for viewers is constantly growing, with the war for audience shares becoming increasingly heated and down to the last stream. In the past, getting an exclusive on a recently released film was a triumph, but now the focus has shifted to original content.

With digitalization in full swing, streaming services have jumped into the production and broadcast of original shows and films, creating a situation where entire film industries find themselves struggling to survive. Movie theaters have seen a significant reduction in profits as moviegoers prefer the convenient option of watching content directly from home. The quality of the content offered by these platforms is remarkable, which pushes more and more people to prefer them. However, despite the wide selection available, it is common to find yourself searching for new options.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that you have landed on this article, which deals with the most popular series of 2024 so far. We will obviously start from the all-time giant, Netflix, but we will also move on to those present on HBO and Disney+, as we will provide you with a ranking of the most viewed series on these platforms during the year.

The 5 most watched series on Netflix

Netflix dominates the streaming world across much of the globe and was the forerunner of this revolution. However, in some selected countries, Netflix's offering may not be as extensive. Thanks to a VPN, however, this problem can be easily circumvented. With ExpressVPN, for example, you can access a wide range of series in just a few moments. Here are the five most popular series of 2024:

Parasyte: The Grey

A breathtaking Korean series in which a parasite takes control of human bodies, threatening to bring the world to apocalypse. The last survivors must fight to save humanity.

The 3-body problem

An immersive fantasy adventure that drags viewers into an emergency situation triggered by a decision made by China in the 1960s.


A gripping series full of battles and robberies, which keeps viewers glued to the screen from the first to the last scene.

The Gentlemen

Eddie inherits his father's marijuana empire and finds himself drawn into the dangerous world of criminals. The series follows him and his attempt to survive.

Queen Of Tears

Perfect for lovers of love stories and romance, this series has received great reviews from viewers and has become a hit.

The 5 most watched series on HBO

If you are a fan of Warner Bros and love being in front of catalogs of films and TV series, HBO is the perfect platform for you. It offers a variety of content ranging from Hollywood productions to HBO original works, ensuring an engaging and entertainment-filled experience. Below you will find the five most popular series on HBO in this early period of 2024. We highly recommend you take a look at them if you think they might be to your liking.

The Regime – The palace of power

The Regime stands out as the most popular series on HBO in the US, offering a gripping political drama storyline that is sure to capture your attention.

Ninja Kamui

“Ninja Kamui” is an animated series that follows Joe Logan, a former ninja betrayed by his own clan, on a journey full of action and revenge that will keep you glued to the screen.

Tokyo Vice

“Tokyo Vice,” true to the book on which it is based, offers a raw look at the harsh realities of the world faced by those who seek to change it for the better.

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV

“Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV” is a docu-series that reveals the toxic culture behind the most iconic children's television programs, shedding light on little-known and surprising aspects.


Finally, “House” tells the story of a medical genius who struggles with addiction, but whose talent is never questioned. Follow his extraordinary journey not only for entertainment, but also for compelling and engaging viewing.

The 5 most watched series on Disney+

Disney+ offers a wide range of high-quality content, ranging from Marvel films and series to the latest releases, all available in multiple languages. It's a real gold mine for entertainment enthusiasts. Here is the list of the five most popular series on Disney+ so far.

Grey’s Anatomy

“Grey's Anatomy” is a compelling medical drama with romantic elements that will involve you deeply in the story, making you feel part of it. It's an ideal choice for those looking for thrills and a bit of drama. Maybe a little much.


“Bluey” invites you to follow the extraordinary adventures of Bluey and her family as she grows up. This show is suitable for both owners and your faithful four-legged friends.

Modern Family

“Modern Family” tells the story of a family that faces the changes and challenges of life, remaining united despite the difficulties. It is a comedy that reflects on modern family dynamics.

I Simpson

And who doesn't know them? “The Simpsons” has been a highly successful animated series for over a decade, focusing on the daily follies of a family. If you love comedies, you can't miss the adventures of the Simpsons.


“Shōgun” takes you on John Blackthorne's journey from sailor to samurai in an engaging and adventurous story available on Disney+.


We hope we have been helpful in exploring the wide range of content available on various streaming services. Even though the competition between these platforms is fierce, it is important not to underestimate their content based on just a few reviews. I advise you to start by watching the series of the genre you prefer, so as to get a clearer idea of ​​which ones to keep an eye on later. With so many options available, this approach will help you identify the series that best suit your personal tastes.

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