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The MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine review

A blue monitor for the office.
We could define it like this MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine but it wouldn’t quite do it justice.
Not because it’s not true, on the contrary, it is in all respects a monitor dedicated to the world of work but MSI has worked hard to give life to a product that we have found extremely interesting.
And – we anticipate it immediately – on the various online stores you can also find it at less than 300 euros. The expense is therefore not excessive, especially considering the versatility of the product.
But let’s go in order and let’s dive into the MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine review.

The MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine review

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Ultramarine” is the wording that defines the color of this product which yes, it is blue.
An unusual choice which, however, we particularly appreciated given that on the one hand it is extremely elegant and on the other it manages to revive even the saddest of desks a little.
If you are thinking “eh but I don’t want it blue”, we reassure you right away: it also exists in black color.


MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Design Review

MSI Modern MD272QP was the proud winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2021an award obtained thanks to a minimal, well-kept aesthetic it is characterized by frames really reduced to the bone. In fact, the side edges and the upper one are almost non-existent, replaced by a small black stripe which is part of the panel, not of the body.
The lower profile is also quite thin, a 1.5 cm strip that includes the MSI logo in the center and, on the right, the icons corresponding to the keys positioned just below. 5 those present: on/off, E, M and the arrows. With these buttons you manage the entire menu, a menu that allows you to set modes, response time, brightness, contrast, volume and much more.

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine recensione menu OSD 1

The back is just as essential as the base which, however, allows you to adapt the monitor to your needs: you can adjust the height, tilt and layout – horizontal or vertical.
Well yes, since it was created to meet the needs of those who work, which also includes those who, for example, keep stock indexes, securities, codes and much more at hand, it can be rotated by 90° with a simple gesture.

We also point out the presence of VESA mounts, if you prefer an arm to its original base, and that of two speakers positioned on the lower part, speakers that – we tell you right away – are not its strong point. The yield is good but the volume is not very high: enough for a few video calls, for quick viewing of a YouTube video but if you want to enjoy a film or if you need to capture all the nuances of a track, you should use external speakers or a good pair of headphones.

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Connectors Review

We conclude with connectivity: on the back you will find 1 HDMI 1.4, a DisplayPort 1.2, a USB-C capable of carrying the HDMI 2.0 signal, the 3.5 mm jack and the power input.

How does it perform on the field?

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Review Frames

MSI Modern MD272QP comes with a 27-inch IPS panelwith a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel (WQHD)an update rate of 75 Hz and a response time of 5 ms.
The general rendering is good, with 16.7 million colors at your disposal and a brightness of 250 nits, more than enough for use in the office or at home.
We are obviously not dealing with a monitor born for artists, photographers or video makers but in daily use it behaves just fine. In a moment you connect it to the laptop with a USB-C cable and, just as easily, you can connect it to a Desktop PC using the DisplayPort.

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Tilt Review

The plus in our opinion is the versatility guaranteed by the base: tilt it, raise it, lower it, rotate it as you like, adapting it to every possible need. All this with a few quick gestures.

In addition you can count on the TÜV Rheinland certificationwith blue light filters and anti-flicker technology that protects your eyes.

The MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine review: conclusion

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine Retro Review

MSI Modern MD272QP Ultramarine is a great companion in everyday life: its 27 inches guarantee you enough space to place several windows side by side, the opaque screen avoids annoying reflections even with typical office lights, the base allows all the movements you need and the panel protects your eyes.
And, we remind you, if you don’t want it blue, you can go for the very traditional black.

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