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Marvel’s Avengers: The Video Game officially closes its doors

Marvel’s Avengers, title of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, closes permanently and the news is official

Unfortunately that Marvel’s Avengers definitively closes its doors it is not news that surprises us that much, initially not only did the fans not take kindly to the artistic direction, but also the gameplay in hand was not exactly satisfactory. All of this clearly contributed to digging the grave for the video game.

Marvel’s Avengers, officially closes in September

Crystal Dynamics itself recently announced that Marvel’s Avengers (of which our guide to the best builds can be read here) will cease to receive support and new content, the company in fact confirmed support until September 30, 2023 onlyafter that the title will also be removed from all stores. However, this will not prevent those who have purchased the video game in digital format from being able to re-download it, in any case if bugs or anything else should occur there will be no correction.

Marvel's Avengers: The Video Game officially closes its doors

Although Marvel’s Avengers has reached the end of its life cycle, will still be fully playable in both single and multiplayer modes. However, the latest update will be released on March 31, 2023the day on which all micro-transactions in the game will also be deactivated, and all the cosmetics inside will be given away free of charge to gamers until the last day of confirmed support.

Despite this, the subscription services on PC, Xbox Game Pass, o PlayStation Plus they will continue to include the game within them, therefore support for the title is abandoned but for now most gamers (especially those with active subscription services) will be able to continue playing it. To stay up to date on the latest videogame news and more, we invite you to follow the pages of, and why not, occasionally take a look at the Instant Gaming website, where it is possible to buy video games at affordable prices for anyone.

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